How to take perfect couple shots like your favorite celebrity couples

PHOTOS: @nadine, @annecurtissmith & @matteog on IG

PHOTOS: @nadine, @annecurtissmith & @matteog on IG

You probably know it’s not always easy to stay relaxed and feel comfortable in front of the camera…let alone with your partner. 

And without figuring out for some time what kind of photos you want to take, poses you want to make and what kind of feelings you want to capture, your couple photos may end up looking super awkward.  

So we gathered pictures of your favorite celebrity couples that will give you some quick tips on how to take a natural-looking couple portraits. 

And these pictures can be your own mood board too! Take inspiration from it, organize it, play around with it, and add your own shots to it. Enjoy, lovebirds!  


It’s always nice to take photos during the golden hour. It doesn’t only set the vibe but it also provides natural filters too! Thanks, Mr. Sun!    

source: @bernardokath on IG
source: @bernardokath on IG


You can never go wrong with a kiss on the forehead! Plus the scenic view? Perfect. Liza and Enrique’s photos are almost always like a scene straight from a movie. 

source: @lizasoberano on IG
source: @lizasoberano on IG


How to look clingy but not cringe-y? JaDine showed us how it’s done!

source: @Naddie on IG
source: @Naddie on IG


Photobombing from your partner’s photo never looked this cute! And can we stop and appreciate Sarah and Matteo’s cheek to cheek moment by the rocky shore?  

source: @matteog on IG


We always get forever young vibes in the photos of Kim and Xian. Look super kulit and sweet with these KimXi-inspired poses!

source: @chinitaprincess on IG
source: @xianlimm on IG


Anne and Erwan’s photos are all about the look-me-in-the-eye kind of thing. It gives us the kilig feeling we just all need!

source: @annecurtissmith on IG


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