Let’s get LITZified

Be ready to fall in love with the LITZ girls (L-R) Bianca, Ashtine, Fatima, Heart, and Yumi.

Photos: Viva

Be ready to fall in love with the LITZ girls (L-R) Bianca, Ashtine, Fatima, Heart, and Yumi.

LITZ (life in the sunshine), is the newest girl group created by Viva, in collaboration with the country’s premier dance choreographer Georcelle Dapat-Sy, more popularly known at Teacher Georcelle.

Georcelle, who is a Viva artist, recalls meeting up with Boss Vic del Rosario to discuss future plans for her. There, he told her to spearhead the training of a five-member girl group and the goal is to make them into this country’s young music pop icons.

“You know, Boss Vic really believes in Filipino talent, Filipino music and everything that we can do because  Filipinos are very talented and rich especially in music,” says the Georcelle, the creative brains behind the “Tala” dance moves, which is just one among the many baddie signature moves she’s created.

“I am with him in this belief and this vision to really push the Filipino music forward, to push the Filipino talent, to really make it big in the music scene.”

Georcelle, who is not one to back out of challenge, said yes.

“There are already five girls who have been handpicked by the management and these girl are all individual stars in their own platforms,” she explains. “They were all handed to me and Boss Vic said, ‘I want these girls to be trained the way you trained all the biggest artist in the Philippines.’ And I’m very excited for the plan for the girls.” 

Thus, Georcelle and her G-Force team spent most of their 2021 training and prepping up all five girls for their grand launch before the year ends.

And it wasn’t an easy task given that we’re still in the middle of a pandemic.

“The challenging part was actually all the lockdowns,” recalls Georcelle. “So, these girls are formed during the trying times. We all had challenges when it comes to our training.

“We started our training here in (G-Force Dance Center in Quezon City), then after a month, we have to stop because we had to transfer all the [training] program to Zoom because we couldn’t go out anymore.

“When we resumed [with face-to-face] training, Heart (one of the girls), tested positive [for Covid-19]. We had to stop training, isolated her... and it’s really difficult especially on our choreographers who were in charge because they have to work for five girls.

“Of course we cannot sacrifice the training of the four girls just for Heart, so they continued and we waited for Heart and Heart just needed to catch up.

“Challenges...of course with the face-to-face training, we have to wear mask and that’s difficult when you’re dancing. And we all had to adjust to the curfews. And even if we train at home [via Zoom], we need to adjust again once we’re here in the physical space [dance studio].”

Thankfully, all five girls are all flexible and adaptable. And not to mention, excitable.

“The Litz girls have that commitment,” she beams.

“They’re very excited every time I see them, every time I talk to them through Zoom... I see they’re very ecstatic about the program, they’re very ecstatic about seeing each other...they’re also very excited about the next program, of what they’re gonna do next...they’re very excited and very committed.”

The girls’ sunshine dispositions actually inspired their group’s name, LITZ.

“Every time I see them at rehearsals, during their training, they give me this life, this glow, they’re like the sunshine. So, then I came up with life in the sunshine (litz). We just made the S like a  flipped Z to make it more relatable to the social-media savvy audience.”

Besides herself and her G-Force team, Georcelle also assembled a top-of-the-line team that will take care of the girls’ musical side, personality development, and glamming up.

“They are all handled by the best team that we have put together—we have designers, we have makeup artists, we have hairstylist, we have trainers, we have choreographers, we have voice coaches for them. And these are all Filipino talents. That’s the best thing about LITZ. I can say that is a proudly Pinoy collaboration. Everyone working around them are all Filipinos.”

And after months of challenging training, the LITZ girls—Bianca, Ashtine, Fatima, Heart, and Yumi—are ready.

One by one, each girl was revealed to the public yesterday, October 29, via the LITZ’s social media pages  (Facebook: LITZ / Twitter: @official_litz / Instagram: @litz_official / YouTube: LITZ / Tiktok: @litz.official).

Let’s find out what their mentor, Teacher Georcelle, has to say about each of them.



“Bianca is the dancer in the group. She is a baddie. She gets choreography and the details right. When she dances, she has her own flavor. She really puts out the Bianca vibe onstage, I mean on the dance floor. She has her own swag when she dances. Her energy transcends to the whole group.

And I’m really excited for Bianca to really grow and really explore more on different kinds of choreography. She’s the baddie.”



“Ashtine is the softie. She is the girly one in the group, the one who has this very feminine vibe. And also she’s the one who sings all the ad libs in all their tracks.’



“Fatima is the athletic one. Fatima is tomboyish and that’s where you receive the power of her performance. She’s the kalog in the group. She brings the fun in.



“Heart is the typical girl that you see on social media. She’s very pretty and she speaks well. And she’s the one who can relate to the elitistas.



“Yumi is the E-girl of this group. She’s the one you see on TikTok that has a lot of fun filters. She can really relate to the social-media generation. She’s also one of the strongest dancers. Her vibe is also astig.”


Georcelle thinks her girls are now ready to conquer the world. And she sees them shining even brighter, being the sunshine that they all are, in the days to come.

“LITZ is a group that has been formed from love of music, love of OPM (Original Pilipino Music} , and from love of Filipino talents. The future of Litz is very bright.”

For more details about these lovely talented girls, follow them on their socials:

Facebook: LITZ

Twitter: @official_litz

Instagram: @litz_official

YouTube: LITZ

Tiktok: @litz.official




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