On-the-set LOOK: Baby Boy, Baby Girl, a romcom that explores romance as a business transaction

What are the consequences when someone can’t keep their part of the sugar dating deal?

Photos: Viva Films

What are the consequences when someone can’t keep their part of the sugar dating deal?

From the award-winning and box office director Jason Paul Laxamana comes a fun and sexy romcom starring Marco Gumabao and Kylie Verzosa

Baby Boy, Baby Girl will let you in into the world of “Sugar Dating” wherein a romantic relationship is treated like a transaction with every expectation laid out and agreed upon.

How ideal is this setup, especially for those who have been broken by love?

Marco Gumabao plays Seb who rose from rags to riches. How? He became a sugar baby. Working as a janitor wasn’t paying the bills, so he turned to sugar dating and took it seriously. Now, he’s looking very expensive. His extreme lifestyle change has caught the attention of his ex-girlfriend, Josie.

Kylie Verzosa plays Josie, a failed start-up businesswoman and now struggling in online selling and trying to earn from whatever side hustle she could find. When she learns about Seb’s success, she asks him to groom her for sugar dating. She’ll do everything to be good at it and never struggle financially again.

As Seb helps Josie achieve the so-called “sweet life,” his feelings for her start coming back. But the principles of sugar dating seem to be working for Josie. Besides, the memory of Seb being with an older woman for money while they were still living together is still fresh in her mind. Is there any chance for Seb to win Josie back now that she has a different view on love?  

During the story conference last year, director Jason Paul shared that he did a lot of research to be able to write the screenplay for Baby Boy, Baby Girl. He actually made an account in one of those social media sites matching potential sugar daddies/mommies and sugar babies. He found out that the reasons—(such as companionship, lavish lifestyle, mentorship)—and requirements—(duration of the dating, material things to be given/received, and such)—are stated very clearly even before the actual sugar dating takes place.

But what are the consequences when someone can’t keep their part of the deal?

Kylie said in the same conference that she got interested in the project the moment it was pitched to her. Thus, she said yes to it right away. She expressed her gratitude for finally having the chance to work with director JP Laxamana whom she has always admired. 

The director admitted that he wasn’t sure at first if Kylie was the actress he’s looking for to play Josie, but after seeing her previous films, particularly “Ikaw Lang ang Mahal” on Vivamax, he was very impressed by her acting. And when they started preparing for the shoot, he observed Kylie’s discipline and determination to be in character. That made him more convinced that she’s right for the role.  

Kylie and Director JP both enthuse that Marco Gumabao is great as Seb, and is lovely to work with, as always.

Marco and Kylie credit their years of friendship for making them comfortable in doing their intimate scenes together. Asked about his reaction about the movie, Marco said that he was shocked when he first read the script, but he was also very excited to be able to put himself in the shoes of sugar babies.   

Baby Boy, Baby Girl will not just entertain, but also serve as an eye opener to many viewers as to the POVs of sugar babies, and even sugar mommies and daddies. The Viva Films romcom also stars Migo Valid, Yen Durano, Gino Roque, Andrea Babierra, Giselle Sanchez, Marnie Lapus, Gary Lim, Rey PJ Abellana, Marissa Sanchez, and Yayo Aguila.

Catch it in cinemas nationwide beginning this Wednesday, March 22, 2023.



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