10 new showbiz babies that will brighten your day

PHOTOS: @iyavillania, @milesaubrey & @lj_reyes on Instagram

PHOTOS: @iyavillania, @milesaubrey & @lj_reyes on Instagram

Babies have a way to brighten anyone’s day and they also bring so much love and light in their parent’s life that’s why they are called little miracles.

Check out this adorable collection of celebrity babies and you’ll find yourself smiling without even knowing:  

Mar Roxas & Korina Sanchez

source: @korina on Instagram 

Names: Pepe (L) & Pilar (R)

The ultimate twins continue to capture the hearts of many people because of their adorable round eyes and not to mention their very Filipino names.

Paolo Contis & LJ Reyes

source: @lj_reyes on Instagram 

Name: Summer Ayanna Contis

From her name itself, summer brings warmth and joy in her parent’s heart. The princess of Casa Contis will definitely win your heart too just look at those chinky eyes she got from her momma and cutest smile!  

Arthur Solinap & Rochelle Pangilinan

source: @rochellepangilinan on Instagram 

Name: Shiloh Jayne Pangilinan Solinap

The new born baby looks like an angel sent from above that’s why her mommy Rochelle can’t help but sing “Isn’t she lovely isn't she wonderful ... 🎵🎶🎵” Perhaps she will be a good dancer or an actress in the future?

Ardy Roberto & Miriam Quiambao

source: @miriamq888 on Instagram 

Name: Elijah Roberto

Elijah is an answered prayer to his parents, despite her mom undergoing emergency c-section, he came out just fine and now he can already recognize her brother’s voice!

Troy Montero & Aubrey Miles

source: @milesaubrey on Instagram 

Name: Rocket Miller Montero

This little ball of sunshine melts our hearts each time she smiles. Do not mess up with Rocket because she has a father who can defy the odds just to protect her but for now let’s just look at her sleeping in her papa’s shoulders.

Nathalie Hart

source: @iamnathalihart on Instagram 

Name: Penelope

Meet the charming little girl Penelope that can turn your day super bright just looking at her big brown eyes like her momma.

Marco Alcaraz & Lara Quigaman

source: @marcoalcaraz & @laraquigaman on Instagram 

Name: Tobias Nolan Alcaraz

This cutie can steal your heart in an instant like what he did to his parents since Day 1. His mommy called her bungisngis because his laughter is the best thing you’ll hear.

Drew Arellano & Iya Villania

source: @iyavillania on Instagram 

Name: Alonzo Leon Arellano

Is he another carbon copy of his Papa Drew like his kuya Primo? We’re dying to gently pinch those chubby cheeks ASAP, yes he will make you go gigil each time you see him in his mama’s instagram stories!

John Prats & Isabel Oli

source: @isabelolion Instagram 

Name: Daniel Freedom D. Prats

The 3-month-old gwapong baby just like her Papa loves to talk to her mama about anything under the sun because why not if you have the irresistible and cutest cheeks in town, right?

JC Intal & Bianca Gonzales

source: @iamsuperbianca on Instagram 

Name: Carmen Eliana Gonzalez Intal

This precious little girl is her mama’s mini me. In fact, Bianca’s exact words are “It's like I'm looking in a mirror. Or at my baby pictures.”



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