6 male celebrities sporting their long dark hair

PHOTOS: @rurumadrid8 (L), @gilcuerva (C) & @ryan_agoncillo (R) on Instagram

PHOTOS: @rurumadrid8 (L), @gilcuerva (C) & @ryan_agoncillo (R) on Instagram

Some celebrity men have taken the plunge from keeping their hair short to growing them long.

Perhaps it all started when stylish man bun became popular and it’s still a trend among guys even until now, in fact, you’ll see them casually sporting their long do’ anywhere whether on the runway, at the beach or around town.  

Men have been exploring longer lengths as well and it actually looks good, see for yourself!

These celebrities showed how to sport long hair the right way.

Ryan Agoncillo

Sleek medium hair length is totally okay for guys as well! Just look at Ryan’s hairdo.


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Karlos Labajo

It’s a usual scene to see singers on stage bang their heads to the beat of the music but longer hair do wonders to enjoy the moment even more  just like Karlo.


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Gil Cuerva

For guys worrying to sport their long hair under the scorching heat at the beach, don’t worry because it’s the perfect summer hair do. Get inspiration from Gil!


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Terrence Romeo

Who says you can’t channel your long hair while playing your favorite sport? Terrence proves that you can, just tie it in a bun and you’re good to go.


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Ruru Madrid

Here comes your boy next door, Ruru’s curly and wavy do looks effortlessly good on him.


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Piolo Pascual

Piolo with his long locks and defined jawline is like your prince charming straight from a fairytale book .


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