6 times Nadine Lustre slayed mirror shots

PHOTO: @nadine on Instagram

PHOTO: @nadine on Instagram

Mirror shots are definitely the best way to show off your awesome look or outfit of the day especially if you don’t have someone to take your photo for you.

Mirrors just give that extra dramatic effect that’s worth every double tap, you just have to know how to take a good one!

If you’re following Nadine Lustre’s Instagram account you should know by now that she’s a pro in taking mirror shots and selfies. 

See it for yourself, she definitely taught us how it’s done:

  1. Mind your angle.  

Find what angle works best for you or you can use it as a backdrop.


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  1. Use your camera flash.

Camera flash is usually a big no when taking mirror selfies but in Nadine’s case, it’s totally okay. You should give it a try!


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  1. It’s okay to call a friend.

Whether you take it yourself or have someone to snap a photo for you makes no difference. It all really depends on how you strike a pose, cop Nadine’s pose down below!


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  1. You can take one anywhere.

Don’t be afraid to take a photo in public places especially to the next reflective surface you walk past to. For instance, inside the bathroom? the random it looks, the better.


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  1. Experiment with filters.

Here’s to more dramatic feel while channeling that dreamy look. Filters can set the vibe, remember that.


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  1. Mirrors are not restricted to full lengths.

Get up close and personal. Show off your best pose!  


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