Aiko Melendez reacts to bashers body shaming her sexy photos; asks why “people can’t be happy when someone just achieved her goal”

Aiko Melendez has a message for her body shamers. Scroll down below for the full story!

PHOTOS: @aikomelendez on Instagram

Aiko Melendez has a message for her body shamers. Scroll down below for the full story!

Over the past week, Aiko Melendez has been posting photos of herself on Instagram, revealing her now-sexy figure. However, there were some people who shamed her fit figure, commenting that the photos she was posting were edited.


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Over the weekend, the Prima Donnas star posted another photo with an accompanying caption, asking her body shamers why they cannot just be happy for her for attaining her goal of having a great body.

“Asan ang edit dyan? I really don’t understand anymore why some people can’t be happy, when someone’s just achieved her goal,” she wrote. “Nung mataba ako sabi nyo mukha akong nanay now naman inedit ko. Hindi ba pwedeng? I worked hard for it? Hindi ba pwedeng i have gone through pain and sacrifices just to achieve my weight now? Cmon give me a break.”

Aiko, then, went on explaining how she lost weight and telling people to stop being envious and just be happy. She added how it is her body and she is the only one responsible for it and no one but herself.

“Envy doesn’t lead you anywhere. Just be happy. Like iam happy. I told you i went on calorie counting i went as low as 500 calories on my first month to maintain the procedure @docyappy did to me,” she went on. “Masama pa dn? This is my body! Iam accountable to myself and no one else. Iam also taking theobroma which is known also as weight loss supplement. Me prob pa dn?”

She also explained that the photos she’s been posting were raw and unedited, saying she is against editing and she is too old for it. She added that she posts photos of her figure to inspire people who are having issues with their weight.

“Iam posting to inspire people who are struggling with their weight. That there is ways and hope for all of them,” she said. “If that’s a sin then I don’t know else what is right. Happy saturday guys! And to my bashers thank you! Atleast you are following me and taking notice of me. You must be a fan.”


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A day later, she posted another photo of herself, this time laying on bed sheets, comparing her bashers to such.

“ayan po para sa mga bashers, like curtains, my bedsheets are soft too coz their all made of fabric. magrereact talaga ang tela pag nasandalan or nahigaan mo kc nga malambot, miski inarmirol pa,” she explained. “magreact kayo mga bashers pag ung matigas na sementong pader na sinandalan ko e sumunod sa balakang ko, kung hindi ako si supergirl e malamang edited nga...Peace.”


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Aiko currently stars in the Kapuso series Prima Donnas led by Jillian Ward, Althea Ablan, and Sofia Pablo. They are joined by Katrina Halili, Wendell Ramos, Benjie Paras, and Chanda Romero.


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