Andi Eigenmann recalls daughter Ellie’s first few moments in Siargao

Andi Eigenmann posted a throwback photo of her and Ellie; revealed a the beautiful story behind it!

PHOTO: @andieigengirl on IG

Andi Eigenmann posted a throwback photo of her and Ellie; revealed a the beautiful story behind it!

Second-time mom Andi Eigenmann is totally living her best life in Siargao--she has a growing family, a bed and breakfast business in the works and adorable daughters, whom she can share the island life with.  

Andi took to Instagram to share a throwback photo of her and Ellie, her firstborn, in their bright colored swimsuits. Andi with her stunning sun-kissed skin appeared half-hugging Ellie, who at that time was still scared to be away from her momma’s reach. 

According to Andi, the said photo was taken two years ago in Siargao. And in the caption, the 29-year-old mom could not help but recall the time when Siargao was still an unfamiliar place to her and Ellie.

“It seems like it was only yesterday when we were craving for a life by the sea. Where we can surf and swim all day and walk home barefoot under unicorn colored sunsets, as Ellie would call it. And now we’re here.” Andi wrote on her IG post. 

Andi admitted that she still can’t believe she is already living the life she has always dreamed of. And how Siargao changed their lives “immensely” in just two years. 

“I can’t believe this photo was taken almost 2 years ago (credits to photog @paothehuman). Come to think of it, in JUST almost 2 years, our lives have changed immensely! Has time went by quickly or slow enough for everything to change this much?! I can’t decide!😅.” 

She then told the story behind their beautiful throwback photo revealing how Ellie have grown to love their new-found home. 

“When this photo was taken, Ellie wasn’t brave enough to go in the water w/o me. She was weirded out by the smell of fish and eating on banana leaves with our hands. But just last night this picky eater started to enjoy it with some forbidden rice!” 

To end her caption, Andi expressed that seeing great changes happen to her eldest child while living on an island is one of her proudest moments. 

“Our lives have definitely changed, and I can’t help but be proud, because other than adjusting to a life in Siargao with our growing family, and a new bundle of joy, seeing all the great changes in Ellie and the person she is turning out to be is such an achievement to me. Experience is the best teacher, indeed!🌸.”


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Andi is also a mother to her baby daughter Lilo, born Keliana Alohi Eigenmann Alipayo, her child with professional surfer partner Philmar Alipayo.

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