Andi Eigenmann says she’s impressed with daughter Ellie’s piano skills!

Andi Eigenmann is one proud momma to her eldest daughter Ellie!

PHOTOS: @ellieeigengirl & @andieigengirl on IG

Andi Eigenmann is one proud momma to her eldest daughter Ellie!

Actress Andi Eigenmann took to Instagram earlier today to express how much she’s proud of her elder daughter Ellie after witnessing her play the piano for her first-ever recital over the weekend. 

Andi uploaded a cute photo of Ellie who posed for the camera while opening the door that leads inside the piano recital venue.

She admitted that she’s never heard her firstborn play the piano and that is why she was so impressed with her amazing performance.   

“So proud of this girl for nailing her first piano recital!” the mother of two wrote IG. “I honestly have never heard her play until this day and I was so impressed.

“When she first told me she wanted to take up piano, I was hesitant because it meant another day in the week that I get to see her less (😭). 

“But she enjoys taking up these extracurricular activities, and I love that she gets to discover more of her talents, outside of my skillset (lol).”

Andi also mentioned that she’s elated that Ellie is beginning to explore and learn more about herself as she grows up.

“I want her to explore and learn more about who she is and the things she may be interested in, and not limit it to only the things I am able to introduce to her or teach her to do. (I am obviously very musically uninclined.😂) bravo, Ellie!” 



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At the recital, Ellie’s father Jake Ejercito was also in attendance to support his daughter to ex-partner Andi. 

A photo of them getting reunited was uploaded on Ellie’s Instagram fan page last Saturday, February 22. Andi brought her baby girl Lilo along with her and she was also accompanied by her mom Jaclyn Jose. 



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Andi and Jake have been civil with each other since their co-parenting settlement in 2017.

Congratulations, Ellie! We’re also proud of you!

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