Beauty Gonzalez shares husband's bout with COVID-19: "It felt like my whole world was ending."

Beauty Gonzalez recalls her husband's fight with the deadly COVID-19 disease.

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Beauty Gonzalez recalls her husband's fight with the deadly COVID-19 disease.

Last Sunday, April 4, Beauty Gonzalez took to Instagram to open up about her husband Norman Crisologo and his COVID-19 survival.

"Norman tested positive for [COVID-19] and had to be rushed to [the] hospital," the actress wrote. "This world problem suddenly hit home hard and fast and I wasn't prepared."

She added that a day after Norman showed symptoms of the disease, he had to be alone in the hospital ward with other suffering patients while she had to worry at home with their daughter Olivia.

"It felt like my world was ending and I didn't know how or why, all I could recall were the statistics and death tolls I've heard this entire year, how sometimes unbelievable they were and now how real they have suddenly become," Beauty said.

The Kadenang Ginto star further recalled that Norman could not breathe and had pneumonia, while thinking of the possibilities that could happen with the disease.

"All I could do was wait," she recounted. "The aloneness of this disease will kill the spirit even before it damages the body. But it was something everyone of us in this situation had to do."

Beauty had to pray, hold her children, and make promises to herself to fill the room with love and light, despite their situation.

"But in the still of the night, I was just a girl crying alone in the middle of the night thinking things will never be the same again," she said.

Amidst the sadness, she received a phone call from Norman who, although sounding "tired, sad, and almost defeated," told her that everything is going to be all right. He then came home, surviving COVID-19.

"And it was. He came home," Beauty began to conclude. "Nothing will ever be the same again. Family is EVERYTHING. Thank you everyone."

Beauty and Norman had their daughter Olivia last February 2016. By May 2017, they tied the knot in a ceremony in Tagaytay.

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