Bianca Gonzalez is the most supportive wife as she writes heartfelt post to husband JC Intal who recently retired from the PBA

Bianca Gonzalez takes pride in the achievements of her husband, JC Intal, as he retires from the PBA!

PHOTO: @jcintal7 on Instagram

Bianca Gonzalez takes pride in the achievements of her husband, JC Intal, as he retires from the PBA!

After a 13-year stint with the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), JC Intal of the Barako Bull/Phoenix team has officially announced his retirement on Instagram last Sunday, March 21.

Intal retires as a one-time champion and a three-time All-Star.


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With this career milestone, Intal’s wife, television host Bianca Gonzalez, took to Instagram to take pride in his achievements throughout his basketball life.

“I may not have been there at the start of your 20-year basketball journey, but I am so proud and honored to be by your side and the end of it,” she wrote. “I think one of the things we had in common that made us click from the start is that we knew we were role players in our chosen careers. It drove us both to constantly work to improve, to keep our feet on the ground, and to be good soldiers.”

Bianca went on, saying how she deeply admired Intal’s work ethic, integrity, and mental strength, the latter he has been using every time he finishes a bad game or if his team faced a big loss.

“You may not know it, but you being you helped me deal with many of my toughest days,” she said. 

She also expressed how proud she was of him with the many athletes he has inspired and the many lives of colleagues he has touched.

“You were always so genuine and kind with how you connected with them, which inspired me to do the same,” she said.

Bianca would also recall the feeling of being able to have patron tickets in Intal’s every game as perks of being his girlfriend-turned-wife.

“Every time I would sit in the coliseum with patron tickets as a perk for being your girlfriend, then wife; on the outside it may seem like ‘normal lang’ but I assure you, deep inside, I would always be sooo kilig and proud to sit there, watching you, with my heart racing every time you'd hold the ball,” she recounted.

She added in jest that she can go on with her post about how proud she is of him but it would be over-acting or “OA” if her post would be longer than his retirement post. She also promised to be her “#1 cheerleader FOR LIFE” along with their daughters Lucia and Carmen.

“I would just like to honor you,” she said. “Even though you won't be playing pro basketball anymore, I promise to be your # 1 cheerleader FOR LIFE, alongside two little cheerleaders, Lucia and Carmen. We love you so much and we are so proud of you!!!!”

Bianca and JC tied the knot last December 2014 in El Nido, Palawan. They welcomed their first child, Lucia, last October 2015 and their second child, Carmen, last October 2018.

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