Camille Prats shares bikini photos; gets real about her past body insecurities

Camille Prats shares bikini photos; gets real about her past body insecurities

Actress Camille Prats is no stranger to having body insecurities during her teenage years. 

On her latest Instagram post, Camille opened up that she was always lacking confidence back then because of how artistas are always expected to be looking perfect and flawless.

And because of that certain artista image that they must possess, Tv and movie roles are given to those who qualify with said ‘standard’.

“I used to be so conscious of my body because of the industry I work in, during my teenage years, if they think you're not thin enough, you don't get the role, harsh noh? I'm glad that's no longer the case these days. Thanks to the advocacy of body positivity!” wrote Camille on Instagram (yesterday?).

Camille, who’s always been on the chubby side (at least by screen standard) also recalled that she developed a habit of wearing loose clothings back then because of the judgements she might get for not being “thin enough.”

“I used to be super conscious with what I wear, never the tight fitting type of a person, I was super conscious of what others might say about my body. 

"’Ang payat mo pala sa personal! Ba't ang taba mo sa TV?’" is what I usually hear 😅 ,” Camille added. 

But once she became a mom and bore three loving kids, everything her body went through during pregnancy and delivery makes all the changes worth it. 

“Being a mom of 3, I've come to terms with the fact that my body has grown 3 humans, that alone is more than enough for me to accept the changes my body has gone through.”

Camille then left a note of encouraging words for those who are always worrying about what other people will say about their body. 

“So where am I getting at?  Wear that dress you've been wanting to wear but has been hesitating to because of what others might say, dress up for yourself not for others. Start working out and eating right because you want to be healthy, not because you want to look good for others. 

“Do things for you, life is too short to think about what others may say. Be comfortable in your own body even when others make you feel otherwise. 😉❤️ 

“Laban lang mga mars and keep doing what makes you happy and you'll definitely rock it! 😊😅 Having said that, excuse me muna at pa post lang nito ha😂😘.”


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Well-said, Mars!

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