Catriona Gray reminds followers that beauty is defined by one’s self

Catriona Gray has a wise morning reminder to her followers this Monday: that beauty is defined by one's self.

PHOTO: @catriona_gray on Instagram

Catriona Gray has a wise morning reminder to her followers this Monday: that beauty is defined by one's self.

On Monday, March 22, Catriona Gray took to Instagram to give a morning reminder to her followers: that they should be the ones to define their beauty.

The Miss Universe 2018 began by talking about how photo filters on social media are fun to use and allow people to express themselves in the digital world. However, she said there is a downside to it.

“[T]here are so many times I’ve scrolled through social media not taking into account that I’m subconsciously comparing my reality with a filter,” she wrote.

She, then, saw how the media has taken over how people define beauty, which should never be the case, as she believes beauty is defined by the self.

“Our definition of beauty is constantly being defined by standards, what we see in the media and what we’re told,” she wrote. “But I’m a believer that your beauty should be defined by YOU.”

Catriona further made her point by referencing a quote online about taking photos of the moon and stars using a camera.

“[W]hen we take photos of the moon and stars of the night sky using a camera and it doesn’t turn out, we easily recognize that the sky is really beautiful in reality, but it’s the camera that’s not able to capture it,” she explained.

The beauty queen and singer concluded her post by asking her followers what if beauty is not merely seen through a lens.

“What if we accepted that our beauty isn’t meant to be experienced through a lens?” she asked. “To whoever is reading this today, you are beautiful. You are worthy. And you are capable.”

In the past, Catriona has used Instagram to preach about self-love. Last December 2020, she posted a selfie with no make-up, opening up about her imperfections and saying that everything people see online should not be compared to what they are in real life.

“This is just a kind, little reminder to remember that what we see online is a ‘curated feed’ and that we shouldn’t compare that to our everyday reality,” she wrote.

She concluded her December post with the hashtag #AsSheIs, an online campaign that moves women to be vulnerable and unfiltered on social media.


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