Catriona Gray’s Miss Universe triumph, a great help for Filipino children

PHOTOS: @catriona_gray on Instagram

PHOTOS: @catriona_gray on Instagram

After Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray grand homecoming, she reunited with her family Young Focus Philippines—an NGO that works towards making education accessible to the poorest children in the Philippines.

Catriona announced a great news on her Instagram last night about the overwhelming financial support that the said organization has been receiving since her victory.

She wrote, “I am so grateful and proud to learn today that since winning @missuniverse, my young focus family has received amazing amounts of support.”

“So much so that the entire financial needs for the year of 2019 has been covered”

“Thank you to all who have and continue to support the amazing work that they do!”

As usual, our Miss Universe ended her caption with her iconic line; to continue to be the silver lining of Filipino children.

“We're not only looking for the silver lining but working together to create a silver lining for our country's children.”



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