Cherry Pie Picache survives 3-week battle with COVID-19

Cherry Pie Picache reveals her bout with COVID-19! The veteran actress has survived the disease after 3 weeks.

PHOTO: @yescppicache on Instagram

Cherry Pie Picache reveals her bout with COVID-19! The veteran actress has survived the disease after 3 weeks.

Last Tuesday, March 25, Cherry Pie Picache revealed that she survived the fast-spreading COVID-19 disease, describing it as a “tough, painful, and scariest 3 week battle.”

She began by explaining why she had to reveal her battle, saying it might send inspiration to many and simply being a testimony of being faithful to God.

“I was not sure if i should post, though after reflecting and praying...maybe it will be of help, send a little ray of hope and inspiration, a way to express my gratefulness and to always simply and honestly share a concrete testimony of God’s gift of faith and to just trust His loving mercy to heal and restore,” the veteran actress wrote on Instagram.

Cherry Pie also expressed gratitude to the people who helped and prayed for her, including her family, friends, co-workers, and doctors.

“I will forever be thankful, grateful and I am blessed to have all your love, support and help in one of my yet again, tough, painful and scariest 3 week battle. Kahit po naging matigas ang ulo ko dahil ayaw pahospital,” she went on.

She gave a special shoutout to her son, Anton, for taking care of her as she struggled with the disease, also known as the novel coronavirus.

“Anak, I am a blessed mother for having such a patient, loving, kind son. Thank you for taking good care of me. I know ‘twas not easy,” she told her son.

Cherry Pie concluded her statement with the hashtags #isurvivedcovid19, #isurvivedpneumonia, and other reminders about our health, including to “boost your immune system,” “stay safe,” “wear a mask,” and “drink your vitamins” among others.

As of March 28, the Department of Health has recorded 721,892 cases in the Philippines as they have tallied 9,475 additional infections. The government has placed the “NCR Plus” under enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) starting today, March 29, until April 4.

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