Chie Filomeno recalls being called "bayarang babae" on social media; Ricci Rivero recounts rumors of him being spread that he tested positive for drug use

PHOTOS: @chiefilomeno (L) and @ricciiirivero (R) on Instagram

PHOTOS: @chiefilomeno (L) and @ricciiirivero (R) on Instagram

Last Friday, March 5, one of TV5’s newest shows in the form of Gen Z had a digital press conference via Zoom. The family drama is a co-production between Regal Entertainment and Cignal Entertainment.

After the conference, members of the press and stars of the show were broken down into three groups and were placed in separate virtual rooms so the former could get to interview the latter more intimately after they discussed some topics surrounding people under Generation Z.

(Generation Z, as defined by the Pew Research Center, are people born after 1996.). 

In the second talk, Gen Z stars Chie Filomeno and Ricci Rivero talked about Generation Z and how they handle social media.

After their short discussion, a member of the press asked the actors, who themselves are part of the so-called Gen Z, what was the most hateful comment they received online from a basher and how they handled it.

For Chie, it was back in 2019 when someone commented on her Instagram post that she was a “bayarang babae.”

“’Yong pinaka-controversial siguro is ’yong pumutok na may nag-comment sa isang post ko na bayarang babae ako, which is sobrang nakakasakit sa akin,” she said. “Ako, nag-work hard ako for my family ’cause I’m a breadwinner and my mom raised me well.”

Chie added that she had already cleared the issue in an interview in Tonight With Boy Abunda, where she said the issue was not real.

“Ano naman kung merong mga bayarang babae?” she went on. “Doon sila nakakakuha ng pera. Wala ng last resort, so ba’t natin sila i-ju-judge?”

Ricci, on the other hand, said he received a basher’s most hateful comment when he transferred from De La Salle University to the University of the Philippines back in 2018 during his collegiate basketball days.

It was during that time when a rumor broke out that he and his teammates tested positive for a drug test, which he denied. He and his teammates took a hair test back then and got the results, which were negative.

“Noong time na lumabas ’yon, nag-release lang ako ng statement na it’s not true,” Ricci recalled. “So, I posted the result from the hospital na sila ’yong nag-recommend. So, it means hindi naman kami, like, natatakot to get tested, ’di ba?”

He even recalled how the issue placed his mother in a state of shock to the point that she did not even know what to do.

“Alam naman natin kung paano ’yong mga moms natin, alam natin kung gaano kasakit sa atin if ’yong mga moms natin ’yong affected, ’di ba? Kasi sila ’yong nag-carry sa’tin for so long,” he said. 

Chie added that if the family gets involved, it becomes a person’s tipping point.

“Tayo, feel natin kaya talaga natin, eh. ’Yong issue na [...] nadaanan namin [ni Ricci], kasi ’yong mom ko [din] ’yong na-apektuhan,” she said. “Kaya siguro ako nagsalita, for my mom also. Not for me, but for my mom, for my parents.”

With both Chie and Ricci getting used to facing such issues, they simply agree that it is all about how they handle it and how they understand and learn from it.

“Wala naman pong perfect. Lahat tayo may mga downside, may shortcomings, pero it’s about how we handle it, how we make up for it, and how open we are to learning and understanding things the right way,” Ricci said.

Apart from Chie and Ricci, Gen Z also stars Jerome Ponce, Jane Oineza, Melizza Jimenez, Kent Gonzales, and Darwin Yu. They are also joined by veteran actors Joey Marquez, Teresa Loyzaga, and Angeli Bayani.

The show, which centers on how the younger generation journeys through the joys and challenges of daily life and how they connect with the older generation, started airing last Sunday, March 7 on TV5, and will premiere new episodes every Sunday, 9 PM.

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