Child wonder Xia Vigor had her favorite kwek-kwek as breakfast on her 11th birthday!

PHOTOS: @xiabernardo on IG

PHOTOS: @xiabernardo on IG

Child star Xia Vigor, who turned 11 last June 23, showed the public glimpses of her 11th birthday celebration, which she celebrated simply at home.

She may not have spent it with a huge number of guests but Xia still found a way to share and celebrate her day with her fans online.
In her latest vlog content, uploaded last night, July 19, on her official YouTube channel, Xia walked us through her special day, beginning from the moment she woke up. 

In the video, the first thing she did was eat breakfast prepared by her mom Christy. Her birthday breakfast had all her favorites—kwek-kwek, smoked salmon with cream cheese, mango, and slices of mango and banana. 

She then went down to her condominium’s lobby, still in her pajamas, because she was so excited to collect delivery of a huge bouquet of pink roses and balloons.

Xia also got several gifts from Toy Kingdom and beautiful birthday cakes from her Viva and Save the Children family. 

She then proceeded to unbox each gift that she received and showed them to her viewers.


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After her unboxing activity, Xia tried playing with some of the toys she got. Her personal favorites, she said, are the kinetic sand and the book of quotations. 

“I’m always collecting quotations. I actually made my own quotation book because I love collecting them. This is so nice!” she said of the book.

All throughout the video, she appeared ecstatic from all the surprises she received and was also visibly touched from all the love sent her way on her special day despite the lockdown. 

Watch her full video below:


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