Darren Espanto is Jayda Avanzado’s special guest during her surprise birthday party

PHOTO: @niceprintphoto on Instagram

PHOTO: @niceprintphoto on Instagram

Jayda Avanzado was given a surprise 16th birthday party by her parents Jessa Zaragoza and Dingdong Avanzado. It was held last Sunday, June 9, at Cravings Restaurant in Quezon City.

Although Jayda’s actual birthday is on June 1, her parents wanted to give their only child more than just the family dinner they had that night.

The June 9 event was an intimate gathering with only a few relatives and Jayda’s friends in showbiz in attendance. These include Kyle Echarri, AC Bonifacio, Lala Vinzon and more.


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But the event was made even more special with the surprise presence of one of the celebrant’s closest friends, Darren Espanto.  

And for Jayda, sweet 16 just got sweeter when Darren appeared carrying a small round cake, and walking towards as everyone was singing the birthday song.

Not to mention, they were coincidentally wearing matching outfits too!!

Jayda took to Instagram later on to thank her parents for organizing what she considered as the “surprise of the year” and to her guests who made her belated birthday celebration even more special.

There, she wrote, “Surprise of the year!! Still on cloud nine from my surprise belated birthday celebration last night!!”

She went on: “Huge thank you to my parents, for organizing this and gathering a lot of the people I love and care about the most, in one room. Blows my mind how you both were able to do that. I love and appreciate you two so much!  And thank you also to my dear friends for taking time out and for making me feel so loved and special on my bday. You all mean the world to me!! One of the most memorable birthdays ever!!!”


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Darren also dedicated a touching message for Jayda via Instagram and posted cute photos of them together.

Darren’s post read: “Happy Sweet Sixteen!

“I say this to you a lot but I really mean it. Thanks for being there even though makulit ako at parati kitang inaasar. You’re always there to listen to me and give me life tips whenever I need them. You impress and amaze me all time; when you perform, when you write songs, and how you handle difficult situations. Keep on doing big things! I’ll always be here for you! Happy Birthday! (By the way, the last picture’s the best).”


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