Denise Laurel calls on the public to stay at home as COVID-19 cases rise

Denise Laurel urges the public to stay at home after COVID-19 cases spike!

PHOTO: @d_laurel on Instagram

Denise Laurel urges the public to stay at home after COVID-19 cases spike!

Upon learning that there has been a spike in COVID-19 cases in the Philippines, Denise Laurel said her heart was broken and urged the public to remain at home, as she said on Instagram last Tuesday, March 16.

“Please for the sake of the people that love [you], [you] love, and for yourself please don’t go out unless [you] really really have to. [I] also understand that we have to work so again unless it’s necessary, stay in,” the actress wrote.

Denise went on, saying that she is praying for people and their families who have lost someone in the battle against COVID-19, as she knew a few people who passed away because of the disease.

“Praying for everyone and all the families that have lost someone,” she said. “[J]ust this week, [I] lost 4 people [I] know. [A]dd that to the 7 people [I] lost since last year.”

She concluded her post by saying a heartfelt message to everyone she has ever encountered in her life.

“Life is short. [T]o everyone [I] have ever crossed paths with, Thank you and [I] love [you]. To my friends, we might lose a bit of connection but I’d rather lose that temporarily than permanently. [M]iss u guys good night everyone..sending love [and] light.” she said.

“This is serious [sh*t]. [D]on’t wait for it to happen closer to home before [you] do something,” she concluded.

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