Denise Laurel chooses to react positively to “fat” comment by spreading message on self-love and body positivity

Denise Laurel spreads a message on Instagram! Find out what it's all about by scrolling down below!

PHOTOS: @d_laurel on Instagram

Denise Laurel spreads a message on Instagram! Find out what it's all about by scrolling down below!

After being called “fat” at work, Denise Laurel, instead of detesting it, decided to deal with it calmly and positively.

She decided to spread a message on body positivity on Instagram yesterday, December 9, and she started her message by telling everyone that she is not offended by the statement, as she completely understands herself.

“yes I’m curvy! On my normal days 34c-25-37 (cause da booty 😂) and the abs are poppin for no reason;)” she said. “on my best days my waistline gets even smaller sometimes if everything is in sync i go back to my 23.5 waist! And i still look fat!”

She also understood that being curvy is one step away from being fat and stressed that in the Philippines, people only see two ranges of weight: stick thinness and fat.

“I’ve been so patient x understanding with myself! I understand what my job needs i understand what patience i need for myself as well aand ofcourse discipline 🙄 (so hard) lol,” she went on. “i understand why Im bloated why i got a little cuteness around my cheeks n my nose is more button than Pinocchio haha i know I’m not fat lol..”

Denise, then, reminded herself of the side effects that her medicine for her polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) gives off; that it makes her sleepy, bloated, and hungry, but all is still good because she has a “master plan” for her health.

“Ur body is constantly changing! That’s why i ain’t even trippin cause i know this is just a transition n break for myself on this fitness journey..its all about health for me!” the actress said. Mental, spiritual, physical! So u gotta keep those stress levels down..choose what to trip on haha if not dont trip on anythin if kaya mo lol! But I am excited for this last month of meds to end (smiley) then it’s go time/shred time /fasting prayer time!”

The star of the Kapamilya horror-drama series The Haunted sent out a disclaimer, saying she is not spreading the message because she feels bad for the comments made on her weight, but to simply remind her followers to love themselves.

“IM NOT POSTING THIS CAUSE I FEEL BAD OR FOR COMMENTS BUT TO SHARE ladies and gents LOVE URSELF no matter where u are! Specially in those transition periods! That’s the time u need it the most:) LOVE OTHERS in transition! hugs everyone!! Squishy hugs!” she ended her message.

Check out Denise’s full post below!


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