Dimples Romana has a reminder to her followers on a Tuesday morning

PHOTO: @dimplesromana on Instagram

PHOTO: @dimplesromana on Instagram

Dimples Romana spared a little of her time to post a beautiful reminder for her followers on a Tuesday morning via Instagram before she goes to work.  

Perhaps, the actress’ inspiring words can help you get through the piled-up work on your desk and your crazy deadlines due this week.  

Give yourself a minute to breath and read through this early morning #Dimptips:

She started off, “What makes you happy?”

“Do you feel at peace with yourself? I know I do [heart].”

“I love how I wake up in the morning knowing that the Lord woke me up for a purpose. I woke up not wanting more because I feel I already have enough.”

“That even if we don’t win any battles today, the fact that we are fighting and surviving is already a success. Speak to your soul.”

“Your inner dialogue with yourself is important. Imagine how your inner voice is the very first conversation you have with yourself each time you wake up.”

“Don’t beat yourself up with petty things that you thought you would’ve done better.”

“Be kind to yourself, cheer “you” on and be patient with your progress. What’s important is that you’re alive-ready to do good and share joy. Be a blessing to others [heart] #DimpsTips

“Happy Tuesday everyone! Off to work I go [kiss]”


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The Kapamilya actress turned author launched her first book recently entitled “Dimps Tips” with a lot of celebrities like Angel Locsin and Vice Ganda supporting her new venture and accomplishment in life. 


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Dimples revealed that she prayed for more ways or platforms to be able to share with everyone what she learned in her journey to motherhood.   

She said, “The book is designed to be a weekly boot camp for mothers. Each week you'll learn a new skill to help you become better at being a mommy over 52 weeks or a whole year. The book is available for P225.”


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