DJ Loonyo apologizes for “confusion caused” by his COVID-19 mass testing comment

PHOTO: @djloonyo on IG

PHOTO: @djloonyo on IG

DJ Loonyo apologizes for “confusion caused” by his COVID-19 mass testing comment

DJ Loonyo has been a trending topic anew not because of his TikTok videos, but this time, regarding his comments on COVID-19 mass testing. 

The online sensation dancer drew flak after causing confusion and making a wrong statement during a Facebook Livestream video entitled #SwaggadNaUsapan, which was hosted by hip-hop artist Kenjhons Serrano (Mr. Mainit) and dancer Evo Manila last night, June 2.

In the video, Loonyo said that mass testing should not be mandatory because it’s a “trial and error” process. He added that he doesn’t believe in mass testing because it’s not “100% proven.” He has obviously mistaken mass testing for covid-19 as mass clinical trial for Covid-18 vaccine.

After guesting in the said Livestream, the dancer immediately addressed his bashers and critics the following day and made sure to extend his apologies to them using his social media accounts. 

"First off, I apologize for the wrong use of terminology in that particular instance.” he began his statement. “My point is not particularly about the 'COVID mass testing,' I was actually referring to clinical trials. I understand that the use of terminology is critical, so I apologize for any confusion caused.”

At the same time, he also encouraged  the public to rewatch the video to see the full view of what their topic was really all about, which he said was about “business over integrity.”

“However, I encourage you all (bashers man o sumusuporta at higit sa lahat yung bukas sa critical thinking sana) na panoorin ng buo ang aming FB Live--not for the views, but so that you can see both sides of the story.”

He claimed that these days, it’s so hard to easily give your trust, hence, his statement on not believing in “mass testing”, or what he clarified as “clinical trials.” 

“Ang napagusapan is really about 'business over integrity,' na these days, mahirap magtiwala sa mga nangyayari sa ating paligid nang basta-basta, para lang sumunod,” 

“Sa mga nagsabi po na mag-aral kami o mag-research, rest assured we have been doing that, kaya nga nandun kami sa punto na bukas ang isipan namin and we want to also be vigilant and see different sides of the picture para makabuo kami ng informed decision.”
He also reminded everyone that they are not experts in such field as the Covid-19 sciences; but that doesnt mean they can’t exercise their right to ask questions and share their sentiments in related matters.
“Yes, we are definitely not experts, and we mentioned a lot of disclaimers during the live video, but we were exercising our right to ask questions, and share thoughts with those who agree or disagree.”
He also said that he’s aware of his range of influence but quickly added that he isn’t using his platform to propagate “misinformation” but instead, to motivate his followers to be open-minded during these troubling times. 
“I know that I have been blessed with a platform kung saan may kaunting level din of influence. We do not mean to spread misinformation, but rather encourage you to form an open-mindedness para hindi po kayo mag-panic, para alam niyo bakit kayo dapat mag-mask, bakit dapat stay at home, at hindi para sumunod lang nang di naiintindihan ang reasons why or why not.
“We are in a critical time in our history, and our lives have been reset by this pandemic. Hindi ba't pwede naman nating gamitin ang panahon na ito to find the answers to all our why's, how's and why nots?.”
Loonyo ended his lengthy statement by thanking his critics for correcting him and he hopes that despite having different opinions, he can still converse and interact with them in a decent manner.   
“Maraming salamat po sa inyong pagpuna. Sana po ay mabuksan lang din ang inyong isipan. Maaaring we will remain in disagreement on certain points, but that doesn't mean we cannot have a decent conversation.”


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Posted by DJ Loonyo on Tuesday, June 2, 2020


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