Donnalyn Bartolome is your "Social Media Goddess"

Donnalyn Bartolome reminds everyone why she is the "Social Media Goddess."

PHOTO: Viva Records

Donnalyn Bartolome reminds everyone why she is the "Social Media Goddess."

In her newest track, Donnalyn Bartolome proves why she is the "Social Media Goddess" which is aptly also the name of the song.

A song all about social media, the online sensation surely knows what she is talking about as she has over 9 million Facebook followers, 3.6 million Instagram followers, and 5.66 million YouTube subscribers. Needless to say, she is one of the leading personalities on the aforementioned platforms.

"Social Media Goddess" talks about Donnalyn's self-appreciation of her growth in the industry in the age of social media.

However, despite being one of the trailblazers of online stardom, Donnalyn says her track is for anyone, saying that "any person is an influencer in his or her own way."

Donnalyn proves that she is the "Social Media Goddess" as less than a week after the release of its music video, it has already garnered over 600,000 views on YouTube and is currently part of the video-sharing platform’s trending spots. 

Moreover, her other YouTube entry “My First YouTube Intro“ is also enjoying the trending status at no. 7 after a day of release.

The video talks about Donnalyn creating her first introduction for her next YouTube videos.

Meanwhile, “Social Media Goddess" is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital-streaming platforms!


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