Donnalyn Bartolome reveals break-up with boyfriend of almost 6 years; does emotional unboxing of things he returned

Donnalyn Bartolome goes emotional as she unboxes the things her ex-boyfriend returned to her.

SCREENSHOT: Donnalyn Bartolome on YouTube

Donnalyn Bartolome goes emotional as she unboxes the things her ex-boyfriend returned to her.

In her vlog posted Sunday, November 1, Donnalyn Bartolome was visibly emotional and was trying to hold back tears at the beginning as she did an unboxing of things her ex-boyfriend returned to her.

This comes after their relationship of almost six years came to an end six months ago.

"The time has come. I am unboxing stuff my ex returned to me," she said. "I was very open about being with someone. Private talaga 'yong relationship namin because the person I'm with isn't really into being known, alam mo 'yon?"

"Obviously, it didn't work out between the two of us," she added.

Throughout the vlog, Donnalyn hid her ex's real name through the moniker D'Ex, shortened for "Donna's Ex."

"I've been brokenhearted for a long time and I'm just not telling it," she revealed. "Not even my friends, hindi nila alam. Very, very few ones. They don't know what I'm going through 'cause, I don't know, everyone's going through something during the pandemic so I just didn't wanna add to it."

She, then, began her unboxing, consisting of nail polish, hair extensions, her old laptop, balloon bouquets, and a Facebook pillow.

Tears began to flow when she saw BTS merchandise, which was originally for her sister.

"Binili niya 'to because I was going to surprise my sister, pero nagka-COVID so we couldn't do parties," she said in tears.

"Sobrang thoughtful niya," she went on about D'Ex. "Helping me out with almost everything."

She went on unboxing, revealing more BTS merchandise, a pop filter, and many more.

When Donnalyn saw the top that she wore during their first date as one of the items in the box, she could not help but reminisced about the said event. 

"We've been on-and-off together for almost five years. Dated siguro one year tapos officially together," she said.

She also revealed that this is her third break-up with D'Ex.

"Sana final na. Ayoko na. Nakaka-broken, eh," she said, before saying that some of her past songs like "Itatama Pa Ba o Tama Na?" and "'Di Lahat" were dedicated to their relationship.

"Pero parang sobrang glimpse lang 'yon. Medyo vague pa nga, eh. Vaguely, 'yon 'yong story namin," she explained.

Upon seeing more clothes from the box, Donnalyn became tearful once more.

"Our relationship is so complicated. We tried several times. Every time naman, I feel like I loved better but, then, I realized kasi na there are things in my life that I just can't fit sa life niya," she said.

"We tried to make it work so hard, but we just ended up hurting each other," she added. "And I'm crying right now kasi ako kasi 'yong nagdesisyon na we can't do this. We were being unfair to each other."

"We can't be who we are to each other. Parang we always tiptoe around each other, we hurt each other without meaning to. Our lives are so different. Total opposite," she went on. "I've chosen to be with this person for a long time but it's just we love each other but we're not right for each other."

Donnalyn also said that she’s still finding it hard to let go of the thought that they are right for each othe; as well as the hope that she and D'Ex will still work out as a couple.

At the conclusion of the video, Donnalyn was surprised with a heart cake broken into two with the dedication "Happy Break Up" which is also the name of one of her songs.

She then dedicated every bite of her cake to every heartbroken person.

"Para sa mga broken-hearted diyan, hindi kayo nag-iisa. Nandito lang ako. Kumakain ng cake para sa inyo," she said, in tears.

"Para sa lahat ng nagmahal ng tunay pero hindi talaga kayo pwede sa isa't isa," she went on. "Para sa mga ipinagtagpo pero hindi itonadhana.

"Para sa mga nagmahal ng tunay pero niloko, para sa mga tapat pero dahil 'yong iba sinaktan sila, hindi ka rin naman nila pinaniniwalaan, para sa mga iniwan." she added.

"Pero alam mo? 'Di ko alam kung pipiliin kong parang hindi ko na lang naramdamang mahalin niya. Para hindi ko hanapin."

"Sana hindi ko na lang alam 'yong pakiramdam na mahalin niya ko kasi paano na ngayon?" she said.


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