Elmo’s Instagram feed: no more traces of Janella Salvador

PHOTOS: @superjanella & @supermeowkitty on Instagram

PHOTOS: @superjanella & @supermeowkitty on Instagram

Looks like Elmo is already ready for a fresh start!  

Elmo Magalona welcomes 2019 by removing all his pictures and videos with his former love team star Janella Salvador on his Instagram account last night, January 3.

Although, Elmo’s Instagram highlight particularly with Janella can still be viewed on his feed.

After the controversy between the two, they received mixed reactions from people especially to their ElNella fans. As a recall to Elmo’s interview with ABSCBN he stated that last year, 2018, has been a very challenging year for him.



On the other hand, Janella still chooses to keep some of their photos visible on her feed.



A post shared by Janella Salvador 🦄 (@superjanella) on


A post shared by Janella Salvador 🦄 (@superjanella) on


A post shared by Janella Salvador 🦄 (@superjanella) on


Their last project together as a love team was their tour “One Magical Night” in Toronto last year, Novermber 2018. 


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