Enchong Dee, Dimples Romana to open up schools for music and acting respectively

Enchong Dee and Dimples Romana are ready to open up their own schools!

PHOTOS: @mr_enchongdee (L) and @dimplesromana (R) on Instagram

Enchong Dee and Dimples Romana are ready to open up their own schools!

On Wednesday, March 31, Kapamilya stars Enchong Dee and Dimples Romana respectively announced that they are opening their own schools.

For Enchong, he is opening up a Manila branch for the Singapore-based music academy called Academy of Rock.

"I always equate education to empowerment. Kapag may kaalaman ang isang mamayan, mas malayo ang naabot na mga pangarap," the actor wrote.

Enchong went on, saying it has been a long-time dream of his to open up a school. That is the reason behind him and his business partners teaming up to open the Academy of Rock.

"This is one of the few businesses that I will personally supervise to make sure that the quality of music education will be at par with our Singaporean counterpart," he said.

He noted that the classes will have a "one classroom, one student" policy.


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Dimples, on the other hand, shared a photo of her upcoming school under construction.

Like Enchong, the actress shared that opening the school, named the Dimples Romana School for Acting and Personality Development, is her life-long dream.

"For years, I have been thinking of how I can give back to the industry that has been kind and generous to me over the years," she wrote. "I knew I always wanted to TEACH, to SHARE what I know that has been working for me and my family now."

She added that her wish is for everyone to have a "steady, stable, and concrete career" and a "peaceful, happy, and strong family life" all at once, which is her goal in opening up the school.

"I wanted to put up a school, a business that will give way and open doors of opportunities to many aspiring actors and actresses/hosts and artists like me to be able to create a path that's unique and true to them and what they already have, develop new skills, hone what their talents [are], and continue to learn even more," Dimples said.

She plans to invite her fellow actors and former mentors as part of the faculty that will be teaching her future students.

"Our new school will teach techniques in acting, hosting, and branding of oneself that I have personally developed over 24 years in showbiz," she went on. "Our school will be open to aspiring artists, actors, actresses, hosts, brand ambassadors, AND ALSO to non media related students because as my professor in New York University now, Sir Marc, [has] said, we should all know how to market ourselves."

"So, even in the corporate world, it's vital that we know how to present and market ourselves to reach our goals. And with that in mind, we will also open personality development classes to corporate individuals and companies," Dimples added.

And now, with the new normal under the COVID-19 pandemic, classes will be online, which is why, according to Dimples, students from the Philippines and around the world from ages 6-65 are welcome to enroll.

"Excited to get to know you and work with you on how you can reach your full potential," she concluded.

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