Frankie Pangilinan's hilarious tweets about "Shawie" a.k.a her mom Sharon Cuneta

Check out Frankie Pangilinan's funny tweets about her mother Sharon Cuneta!

PHOTOS: @frankiepangilinan (L) and @reallysharoncuneta (R) on Instagram

Check out Frankie Pangilinan's funny tweets about her mother Sharon Cuneta!

Frankie Pangilinan has been popular on Twitter, as of late, because of how she makes her voice heard on various social issues in the country.

However, that is not the only quality content she provides for us. She also narrates some hilarious moments with her mother, the Mega Star Sharon Cuneta, whom she fondly calls "Shawie" on the social media site.

Take a look, for example, at the time she graduated last 2019. Frankie funnily looks back at the photos mother Shawie took of her daughter's proud moment.

And the time Frankie thought Shawie was "stealing her man" as the latter commented on one of the posts of race car driver Charles Leclerc.

Shawie sneezed at the dinner table, which jokingly did not sit well for Frankie, especially during the time of the coronavirus pandemic.

Friends and her father, Senator Kiko Pangilinan, has cute and cool nicknames for Frankie. Yet, Shawie has the most unique nickname for her.

Shawie called Frankie to say how much it hurts that she will not be able to visit her daughter. It turns out she was only displaying her skills as one of the country's greatest thespians, at the time.

How about the time Frankie "sacrificed all dignity" when she recited the lyrics to an original sexy song she wrote to Shawie's face? Hilarious!

Check out more hilarious situations of Frankie and Shawie below!

We live for this mother-daughter tandem!

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