Hayden Kho reveals the secret of his wife Vicki Belo’s “gorgeous and youthful” look in sweet birthday message to her

PHOTOS: @dochayden on Instagram

PHOTOS: @dochayden on Instagram

Doctor Hayden Kho took to Instagram today, January 25, to shower his wife, Dra. Vicki Belo with praises. The public expression of affection is prompted by the celebrated lady doctor’s 65th birthday. 

Hayden posted a series of photos of them together taken over the last 15 years. In his caption, he made mention how he noticed that Vicki has remained glowing and young-looking all these years compared to him.

“Found some throwback photos of me and @victoria_belo from as early as 2005 and what I immediately noticed is that while I looked older and older she stayed as gorgeous and youthful as ever,” he wrote. 

“Yesterday we did a Body Test and my score was 54/100 while hers was 96/100! Amazing. There’s really NO ONE like her.”

The 40-year-old doctor-entrepreneur also said that it is Dra. Vicki’s good character that made her beauty timeless. 

“And I think the reason why she never ages is because her heart is pure and childlike,” Hayden shared. “In everything she does she wants to honor God. She never compromises on truth and integrity. She’s very generous and is always willing to help. She’s an angel for many and a ‘fairy godmother of beauty.’”

He, then, greeted his dermatologist wife a happy birthday along with his well wishes for her.

“Pingpong, happy birthday! I pray everyday that God keeps you and gives you a long, fruitful, meaningful, prosperous, and joyful life. I love you,” he said. 


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To reciprocate her husband’s sweet gesture, Vicki responded to Hayden’s IG post in the comments section.

“Thank you for making this birthday so special,” she said. “I felt like a princess yesterday with all the preparations you made and the non stop surprises.

“It’s been almost 16 years but the ‘kilig’ is even better . Thank you for being the head of our family . For making our lives so Christ centered. It’s true that if you put God first all will be added unto you,” Dra. Vicki concluded. 

SCREENSHOT: @dochayden on Instagram

Hayden and Vicki got married in Paris, France in 2017. Their daughter Scarlet Snow is now five years old.



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