Heart Evangelista gets criticized after applauding a bone cancer patient for staying positive amidst enhanced community quarantine; lashes back and later apologizes

Heart Evangelista on her bashers: “Good bye na lang. Di ko na kaya.”

PHOTO: @iamhearte on IG

Heart Evangelista on her bashers: “Good bye na lang. Di ko na kaya.”

Actress Heart Evangelista took to Twitter earlier today to compliment a certain bone cancer patient for being optimistic during this difficult time.

COVID-19 prompted the government to put Metro Manila under enhanced community quarantine to prevent the virus from spreading.  

With Metro Manila under the said rule, some people who still had to run errands and attend commitments outside their homes were forced to walk or use private vehicles since all public transportations were suspended. 

One of those who are affected by the transportation ban is a bone cancer patient, Cynthia Esperitu, who apparently had to go to the hospital for her scheduled checkup.

GMA News shared via Twitter a short video of Cynthia being interviewed after reaching one of the checkpoints installed in her area to scan her temperature. 

In the video, Cynthia struggled to walk as she uses crutches to support her but despite her condition, she remained positive and went on with her day.

Heart came across her video online and couldn’t help but be amazed by how Cynthia “inspires others to smile and stay positive” during this crisis.

“Dearest Cynthia, thank you for inspiring others to smile and stay positive ... God bless you and your friend.” she wrote. 

After retweeting the video on her account, the actress received massive criticism from the public for allegedly romanticizing the struggle that Cynthia has experienced and some of them even accused her of being so happy about it.  

In a separate tweet, Heart then tried to explain herself saying, “so many people are complaining at home while here is Cynthia still trying to be very positive. Why are you hating so much? Guys stop hating. Ang sama na ng mga nangyayari let’s try to lift each other.”

Her another tweet read: “IM NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS! I’m saying she is still smiling and trying to be positive. Guysssssssssss stop this...lift each other and help! Not hate!” 

The GMA artist’s explanation and good intention enraged the public even more and condemned her for her ‘insensitive’ tweet. 

Heart couldn’t take the bashing anymore, hence, she left a note to those people who misunderstood her. 

She said, “Ayoko na twitter. Kayo kayo nalang magaway. Tumulong nalang tayong lahat. Being toxic will not help. Good bye nalang. Di ko na kaya.”

A few hours later, Heart resurfaced on Twitter again, this time, to say her apologies to those people she has offended in three consecutive tweets.  

“I deleted all my previous tweets. I understand the hate. I should have elaborated my sentiments more. I am sorry. So sorry…” she stressed. 

Her fans and the public then applauded her for being open to criticisms, owning up to her mistake and keeping her feet on the ground. 

Kudos to you, Heart!

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