Heart Evangelista took in a stray cat for Christmas

PHOTOS: @iamhearte on Instagram

PHOTOS: @iamhearte on Instagram

She’s an actress and a painter, but did you know that Heart Evangelista is also an animal lover? Not only does she have a dog and a cat, she’s also an advocate for animal adoption and taking care of strays.

Her love for four-legged friends showed this holiday season, when she took in a black-and-white kitten that she found near a trash can during one of her outdoor runs. Heart shared the touching story on her Instagram Stories earlier today, which you can read below:






The kitten, named Linger, got to bond with Heart’s dog Panda and cat Mina.


Linger even spent Christmas at the Escudero residence!





She now has a home and a family of her own.

“Adopt, save, love, and be loved back.”

What a sweet story to start 2019 with!


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