How did celebrity first-time moms spend Mother’s Day?

PHOTOS: @rochellepangilinan (L), @pauleenlunasotto (Center) & @saabmagalona (R) on Instagram

PHOTOS: @rochellepangilinan (L), @pauleenlunasotto (Center) & @saabmagalona (R) on Instagram

Last Sunday, moms and other mommy figures were showered with love, support and flowers or thank you letters.

Mother’s day is not just another day especially for the first-time moms!

Aside from marking their babies’ milestones, from the first word to the first step, new celebrity moms were also able to cross out another inaugural event in their lives: their first Mother’s day.

Take a look at how these celebrity first-time moms celebrated mother’s day:

Rochelle Pangilinan


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Rochelle had an amazing Mother’s Day by staying in a hotel while enjoying the scenic view of Mt. Taal. Much-needed getaway with her growing family, check!

Pauleen Luna


A post shared by Marie Pauleen Luna- Sotto (@pauleenlunasotto) on


A post shared by Marie Pauleen Luna- Sotto (@pauleenlunasotto) on

Pauleen received a painted Mother’s Day card from her little girl Tali. She sent Mother’s Day in a simple yet meaningful way—making her firstborn laugh non-stop.  

Jopay Paguia


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A quick getaway is what Jopay experienced on her first Mother’s Day. Despite the busy schedule, her family made time to finally have a simple get together.  

Alyanna Martinez


A post shared by Alyanna Martinez-Macam (@alyannamartinez) on


A post shared by Alyanna Martinez-Macam (@alyannamartinez) on

Alyanna is all about cherishing every moment with her “tiny needy human”, last Sunday, they enjoyed picking strawberries on a sunny day.

Bangs Garcia


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For Bangs, Mother’s day was made extra special because her baby girl Amelia learned to appreciate animals more. They visited Bird World—the largest bird park in UK.

Korina Sanchez


A post shared by Korina Sanchez-Roxas (@korina) on


A post shared by Korina Sanchez-Roxas (@korina) on

Korina didn’t forget to visit her momma Celia’s grave on Mother’s Day and she offered a huge pot of roses all in full bloom. Although being the first-time mother herself, she dedicated her day just honoring her mom.  

Saab Magalona


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Saab went to a family gathering on her first Mother’s day. Nothing beats a day well-spent surrounded by the people you love most!

Sitti Navarro


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Roast beef and baked salmon made Mommy Sitti the happiest on Mother’s Day. Happy tummy, happy mommy!

Mariel Padilla


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Mariel welcomed Mother’s Day with a good news. She’s carrying yet another baby in her womb! Congratulations, Mariel and Robin!

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