Iya Villania shares her bar muscle up blooper at the gym on IG

PHOTOS: @iyavillania on Instagram

PHOTOS: @iyavillania on Instagram

By now, everyone knows already how Iya Villania works out –always on beast mode at the gym just by scrolling through her Instagram account.

Last night, the Kapuso host posted another clip of her working out but this time a blooper before ending her set from her usual intense exercise.   

The video started with Iya doing a bar muscle up followed by several burpees and struggled to do that extra stretch for one more bar muscle up. She wasn’t able to do it and she just fell from the floor.

Laughter from her work out buddies filled the whole gym and her husband Drew Arellano hugged her at the end.

She said, “For your CrossFit Open 19.4 viewing pleasure”

“Glad to have brought the @avantgardecrossfit morning crew a load of happiness #WhatIsIntense”

“At least no one can say I didn’t try for that last rep”

“Cheers to all who experienced the magic of the open and got their first bar muscle up! we at AG couldn’t have done it without your program coach @chrisyanguas  Thanks for capturing this @pat_garcia81 and for the pressure @imjusten


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