James Reid, the epitome of a legit fanboy

PHOTOS: @james on instagram

PHOTOS: @james on instagram

Fanboys. They are so rare that sometimes we think they don’t exist in this lifetime. When was the last time you saw a guy, fanboying his heart out for someone he idolizes? Yeah, we don’t remember either..

That’s why we were surprised when we scrolling all the way down James Reid’s Instagram feed. While getting our daily dose of James, we discovered something about him. About that fanboy thing that we thought didn’t exist? Well, James just proved us wrong with all his social media posts about his ultimate crush Heart Evangelista way back in 2014. 

Who would have thought that the hunk we’re fangirling at also had his fair share of fanboying moments? We’re not even sure who’s luckier, so you decide! Here are some of James’ IG posts about Ms. Heart Evangelista that made him the epitome of a total fanboy:


That time when he posted Heart Evangelista’s cover magazine


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James’ caption for Heart’s Esquire cover was as simple as, “I vote you @iamhearte can we please just get married already.” 


That random post of Heart Evanglista’s angelic photo


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We couldn’t agree more with James’ caption in this post. “ok so ive decided that God exists, cos im looking at an angel @iamhearte” Same, James. We also think that when we’re looking at you. *winks


That first selfie he got with his ultimate crush and he just can’t anymore


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Remember the moment when we first met our ultimate crush? This is that moment. “She's as lovely in person as she is in my dreams 😍 @iamhearte


That one time he made sure they had a picture together


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How lucky was James get when Heart invited him to an event? “She never fails to make my day ❤️ Thankyou @iamhearte for inviting me to your art exhibit you're so talented!” Please, James. Invite us, too, whenever, whatever, wherever!


That moment he just wanted to post Heart’s photo and caption it with a Drake song


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“Put those heels on and work it girl let that mirror show you what you're doing. Put that dress on and work it kind of vicious like somebody's taking pictures You Shut It Down #CrushinHard” Can James sing for us like this, too? Please?


That moment when our heart died because of Heart’s video greeting for James


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“Was supposed to save this for my birthday but I couldn't wait. I guess I'll just have to find you again in another lifetime... @iamhearte I wish you all the happiness and love you deserve ❤️” Isn’t it cute that our little hearts are aching yet we’re still smiling because James is so cute when he fanboys a lot?


That moment our hunk is proud of his magazine cover because of his crush’s smile


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“At least in this lifetime, I can still make you smile ❤️”


That moment when Heart got married but James was still loyal to one

As you can see, we don’t have any caption for the post above but here, our JaDine heart breathed again after the heartache:

“Crush, you're really gorgeous. ♥ But still, loyal to my most important girl, my Wifey (Nadine Lustre)! ;) Anyway guys, don't forget to grab a copy of Metro Society and Weddings with Ms. Heart Evangelista as their cover!”

Despite the ultimate crush and fanboying stuff, James is still loyal to his Wifey, Naddie, and we’re super happy!


That moment when James become the boyfriend that he is now (and maybe lowkey fanboy around his wifey)


A post shared by James Reid (@james) on

@nadine was my star of the night. An absolute stunner ❤️✨ #abscbnball2018

As a fanboy or as the boyfriend, James sure is soooo worthy of our fangirling hearts, don’t you think?

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