Jennica Garcia and Alwyn Uytingco celebrate 10 years of love

PHOTOS: @alwynzky & @jennicauytingco on Instagram

PHOTOS: @alwynzky & @jennicauytingco on Instagram

Actress Jennica Garcia penned a long and sweet appreciation post for her husband Alwyn Uytingco in relation to Valentine’s Day and their 10th year of being together.

On her Instagram post yesterday, February 13, the actress shared her feelings after receiving a bouquet of flowers sent by her husband who was at work at that time.

"My husband and I are now on our 10th Year!" the nature-lover Jennica started her long IG post that came with her photo holding a bouquet of sunflowers and chocolates. "When these flowers were delivered at my doorstep while he is at work, I panicked upon seeing that it has no roots. In my head, 'naku malalanta'.

"Because I keep so many living, rooted plants and trees inside and outside our home that was my initial reaction.

"Our stay out helper said: 'Malamang Ma’am bouquet nga eh, paano magkaka ugat yan?' It was a funny experience that I will not forget. Tama naman siya."

Jennica further explained why she reacted that way. It’s because she said she’s used to receiving potted plants from her husband instead of bouquets.

But one realization made her emotional: that Alwyn chose sunflower bouquet this time to remind her of their special day.

Jennica went on: “I sat down and admired how beautiful the bouqet is and wondered why Alwyn would give me one when he very well know that I prefer potted plants and flowers then it hit me. SUNFLOWERS, my bouquet during our wedding was sunflowers. It looked just like this.

"I started to tear up as I remembered how I was slowly walking towards him in the altar. I prayed and thanked God for the man that I vowed to be with for the rest of my life.

"Now I know why he chose to give me a bouquet of sunflowers for our Anniversary.

"I am reminded of the beautiful memory of saying 'I do' to the man who is the father of my two beautiful children."

The 30-year-old actress also penned words of encouragement for still-single women who are longing for a date or a romantic relationship.

"Valentines is coming up real soon and if you are single, I just want to say that ITS OKAY,” Jennica stressed. “You are not running out of time. Waiting for the man God created just for you is worth it.

"If you take matters in your own hands and rush things, you will miss out on God’s BEST gift to you so keep the faith and spend Valentines with the man who loved you FIRST and that is Jesus Christ our Lord. I speak blessings and joyful heart for you. God’s love is like no other."

By way of ending her post, the star of the upcoming Kapamilya series Kahit Minsan Lang once again proclaimed her love to her husband.

"I love you, Alwyn. With or without this bouqet. Thank you for being my FOREVER," Jennica concluded.


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Jennica and Alwyn were secretly married on February 12, 2014 and admitted their real status in October of the same year. At present, the couple is blessed with two lovely daughters.



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