Jessy Mendiola emotionally opens up about engagement ring controversy and break up with Luis Manzano last May, says someone ruined the whole engagement experience for them

Jessy Mendiola speaks up about the controversy surrounding her engagement ring!

SCREENSHOT: Jessy Mendiola on YouTube

Jessy Mendiola speaks up about the controversy surrounding her engagement ring!

The recently-engaged Jessy Mendiola turned to a YouTube vlog to express her sadness about the controversy surrounding her engagement ring.

It could be recalled that Jessy and now-fiancé Luis Manzano surprised netizens last Saturday, December 12, by revealing photos of their engagement shoot.

A day after their announcement, however, a local jeweler slammed the celebrity couple for not crediting them as the original creators of the diamond ring Jessy was wearing.

"It is unfortunate that a company would insinuate a work for something that they did not do. We feel the need to inform the public that this is our work,” Radiant Lux Jewelry said on Instagram.

“In our opinion, taking credit for something they did not do is detrimental to the industry that have ring makers who put their heart and soul to their pieces,” they added.

By Tuesday, December 15, Jessy uploaded a vlog on her official YouTube channel, setting the record straight about rumors surrounding her engagement ring controversy. It was, she said, a matter that could have been private but was made public in such a way that they were being put in a bad light. Thus, the clarificatory vlog.

"I feel like I have to clear out a few things para din, once and for all, maiwan din namin 'to and, finally, makapagmove-on na kami nang maayos," the actress said.

Jessy confirmed Luis' earlier statement on social media, saying he had an engagement ring made by Radiant Lux Jewelry last September 2019.

"First of all, Luis bought the ring or had the ring made last year, September 2019. He bought the diamond from Radiant Lux Jewelry, and nabayaran niya ng buo ’yong diamond na ’oun, na andito sa [new] ring na ito,” she said.

An unfortunate incident happened that a certain "friend" from Radiant Lux Jewelry showed Jessy the ring. And by happenstance, it was at a time when she and Luis were having a rough patch that would eventually even cause a brief break up last May.

Jessy added that the "friend" kept on badgering Luis to get the ring, despite their falling out, something she only found out after she got back together with the actor-host. In hindsight, she said she would understand if Luis didn’t take the ring back as they were off at that time.

“So, ang nangyari, noong time na 'yon na she was there for me, I was always with her, dumating sa point na, for whatever reason, I don’t know kung ano 'yon, she showed me the ring," she revealed. "And she opened the box in front of me, knowing hindi kami ayos ni Luis and she let me wear the ring.”

She said she was immensely bothered by the incident, thinking at that time about what would have been if she and Luis did not break out, asking if he would ever propose.

"Kailangan bang umabot sa ganitong point na ibang tao ang magsasabi sa akin about the ring?" she recalled asking herself. 

“So, I was so shocked! Nakita ko ’yong ring, nasuot ko ’yong ring, binalik ko sa box, binigay ko sa kanya ang ring box and sinabi ko sa kanya na I do not want to have to do anything with the ring. Kumbaga, tapos na, ayoko nang pahabain pa kung di kami magkabalikan ni Luis, okey na," she went on recounting.

Back then, Jessy did not know the "friend's" intention of showing the ring.

Moving forward, she said she just wanted the public to know the real story: that she knew about the ring before Luis got the chance to propose, saying it ruined the chance to let her have the normal experience of being proposed to.

"Nawala sa amin ’yong feeling na 'yon. 'Yong feeling na...'yong excitement na luluhod 'yong lalake sa harap mo, kinakabahan, hindi niya alam sasabihin sa‘yo, tapos tatanungin ka niya ng: ‘Will you marry me?’ Nawala sa amin ’yon," she said in tears. "But Luis and I chose to move on from it, we chose to close that chapter and to move on positively.”

After they got back together, Luis got the ring from the "friend" to end the issue. However, the "friend" started messaging Luis and Jessy's family and friends, telling them how she was treated badly by the actress and she should apologize.

"Hindi ko alam kung ano naging kasalanan ko, but if meron man, okey. But, do you really have to go this far? Do you really have to do this?" Jessy asked the "friend."

"Kasi kami ni Lu, sa simula, hindi na kami nagsalita e," she added. "Gusto lang namin na matapos na lahat. Gusto lang namin ng fresh start, gusto lang namin positive lahat.”

When Luis got the ring, Jessy admitted that it took him several months to propose, saying she had to heal from the issues surrounding such.

"I had to heal from finding out about the ring even before my love ever got to propose to me," she said. "Ano nga ba dapat reaction mo sa ganun, 'di ba? 'Di ba masakit 'yon? Na 'yong moment bilang isang babae, pinangarap mo 'yong milestone sa buhay mo na may isang lalake na magpo-propose sa’yo?"

"Now, we will never ever get the chance to finally feel how an engagement or proposal would feel like. Wala na kaming ganun,” she said.

It was in October when Luis privately proposed to Jessy, describing it as a "simple proposal" that was "heartfelt and genuine."

Despite knowing about the proposal beforehand, Jessy had a reflection about the ring.

"The ring is just a ring, but the purpose behind it is more important," she said. "'Yon 'yong tinanggap ko. Kumbaga, 'yon 'yong mas tinignan ko na meant to be kami ni Luis."

While healing, Luis and Jessy were able to plan their engagement shoot in Amanpulo, Palawan.

Jessy had the idea of having her ring reset to erase the negative memories that came with it.

That was when Manila Diamond Studio entered the picture, who, according to Jessy, was kind enough to reset the ring to "erase the negative vibes."

The actress revealed that the first ring was co-designed by her in a way since she the “friend” knew about what kind of engagement ring she wanted. The “new” ring was also co-designed by her.

She even showed the difference between the two rings on the vlog.

"Please do not just take the credit on your own. We both designed this ring," she told the first jeweler. "Hindi kami nagsalita about this before kasi ayaw namin manira ng business ng ibang tao. Kahit masakit ’yong ginawa mo sa amin, we would never, ever want someone to suffer because of such a little thing, because of a diamond.”

Jessy, then, responded to bashers who slammed her and Luis over the ring controversy.

"Sa lahat ng nagpo-post ng nasty comments at nagda-judge kay Luis, sa 'min, because of a tiny thing like a diamond, I will pray for you because I would never want someone to suffer, I would never wish ill on someone.”

She also shared her thoughts about what an engagement should feel like.

"Nalulungkot ako 'cause an engagement is supposed to be a happy feeling, an engagement is supposed to be something light. It's supposed to be something full of love and no hate," she said. But now, that someone has put out a statement to put us in a bad light, to put Manila Diamond Studio in a bad light, I feel I had to clear everything out.”

Through the vlog, Jessy hopes to put an end to the controversy as she and Luis start a journey towards marriage.

“Gusto lang namin mag-move on from this. Gusto lang namin 'tong iiwan sa 2020, at ikasal sa 2021 na masaya kami, na wala kaming taong iniisip, wala na kaming singsing na iniisip,” she said.

"Sana hayaan n’yo nalang kami maging masaya. Hayaan n’yo kami i-enjoy 'yong feeling na engaged kami kasi hindi na namin na-enjoy 'yong feeling ng proposal... ng isang proposal," she went on.

"Sana ibigay n’yo nalang sa amin ito without ridicule, without saying bad things about us, or without bashing us, without spreading so much hate.” she added.

Jessy concluded that she just wants everyone to be happy, including the "friend" who she said "ruined" the proposal.

"At the end of the day, I'm engaged to the person that I love," she said. "I hope this is the end of negativity about this engagement. Tapos na, sarado na, push it out of my life."

"I'm engaged," she concluded, before sharing clips of her and Luis' time shooting their engagement in Amanpulo.

Watch the full vlog below!


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