John Arcilla is heartbroken for not being able to see his father for the last time

PHOTOS: @johnarcilla on Instagram

PHOTOS: @johnarcilla on Instagram

Ang Probinsyano actor John Arcilla expressed sadness and frustration due to the passing of his father in the midst of a complicated situation.

The veteran actor shared the sad news on his Instagram together with photos of his father Dominador Alemania Arcilla.

On his post, the Kapamilya actor lamented on how sad and complicated their current situation is. 

"Dear friends, my father is gone not because of COVID," John anounced on his social media post on April 5, Sunday.

"If not for the Quarantine which I believe is necessary, and this painful circumstance which understandably need not to favor with our grieving family, I would not express anything about my Father’s fate."

At the moment, the Metro Manila and the entire island of Luzon is under the enchanced community quarantine. There are strict protocols imposed to all who are going in and out of the National Capital Region in order to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus disease [COVID-19].

But whole he understands the importance of quarantine at the time, the actor still couldn't help but express his frustration about the situation—which is knowing that they are just five-hour’s drive away from his father's location yet they couldn’t attend to him.

"I do not feel good announcing the passing of someone very Dear to me," the multi-awarded actor said. "But the feeling of not seeing even his body for the last time while we’re just here 5 hours away from him, isn’t easy to handle."

One more thing that added to their grief is the fact that they cannot hold a gathering for his deceased father in pursuant to the on-going social distancing protocol.

"His body is in Baler and due to this situation, wakes and calebrations of mass are not allowed. 

"Our family wishes to Cremate him and pray together with his URN after this LOCKDOWN but we don’t have crematoriums in Baler and travel permits are complicated."

The Heneral Luna lead actor also shared: "The Funeral services can not send their services with my father’s remains in Cabanatuan or Manila. 

"They can get a travel permit from the origin, but their staff has to be quarantined for 2 weeks or more in their second destination, and has to settle another set of travel permit. 

"So, my father’s body will just stay in a Funeral Chapel for two days without the wake and will be buried with restricted attendance of people the next day.”

Arcilla also shared that most of their family members are currently in Manila and would have a hard time to exit to Aurora province.

"Half the numbers of my siblings are here in Manila and all the grand children are based here. 

"We also need to settle travel permits but they can not guarantee if the checkpoints will allow us to travel back to Manila after 2-3 days. 

"Most probably, they will send us back to Baler or we have to be quarantined for 14 days or so in Baler or in between towns." 

However, the actor made it clear that he blames no one. He just wanted to release the heavy feeling to lighten his burden from their difficult and painful situation.

"I do not blame anyone for the situation. My sense of judgement and reasons fully understood the consequences. 

"I just need to express something that is too much to bear."

John also asked for prayers for his father and thanked his followers to bearing with him. 

"Please pray for our family most specially for my beloved father Dominador Alemania Arcilla. 

"Thank you for reading this. God bless you all."


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John's post amassed messages of sympathies and condolences from his followers and friends from the entertainment industry.

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