K-pop sensation and newest Viva artist Minzy dreams of a collaboration with Sarah Geronimo and Ella Cruz

A Minzy and Sarah Geronimo collaboration sounds amazing!

SCREENSHOT: Viva Records on Facebook

A Minzy and Sarah Geronimo collaboration sounds amazing!

Minzy, K-pop sensation and former member of K-pop group 2NE1, was recently launched as Viva Artist Agency and Viva Records' newest star.

That was solidified via a press conference on Thursday, November 19, where Minzy spoke to the press about her future plans under the local mainstream talent agency and music label.

During the press conference, a member of the media asked the singer-songwriter if there would be a change in her musical style now that she will be working in the Philippines, to which she wants her new style to be heavily inspired by the song "Tala" by Sarah Geronimo.

"Sa palagay ko po, good opportunity po sa'kin [na magpalit ng musical style] kasi kagaya po ng kanta po ni Ms. Sarah [Geronimo], 'yong 'Tala.' Parang 'yon po 'yong gusto kong gawin at makikita po 'yong mga changes ng music ko," Minzy said, who spoke through an interpreter.

When asked if she is open to working with other artists from Viva, Minzy said she wants to collaborate with Sarah and actress-dancer Ella Cruz, the latter she knows as being a huge fan of 2NE1.

"Kagaya po ng sinabi ko kanina, gusto ko po i-collab si Ms. Sarah G," she answered. "And also narinig ko po si Ms. Ella Cruz, fan po dati ng 2NE1. Gusto ko po siya maka-collab."

Minzy's career in the Philippines will be co-handled by the Viva Artists Agency, Open Door Artists, and South Korea's MZ Entertainment.

She is a former member of 2NE1 composing of herself, CL, Bom, and former Star Circle Quest runner-up Sandara Park. The group is best known for their songs "Fire" and "I Don't Care."

She will be making her local debut on November 20 when she releases the Tagalog version of her song "Lovely" under Viva Records, to be featured in various digital platforms.

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