Leila Alcasid talks about self-love as she recalls history with eating disorder

Leila Alcasid shares her story leading to self-love and body positivity.

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Leila Alcasid shares her story leading to self-love and body positivity.

Last Wednesday, April 7, Leila Alcasid took to Instagram to open up about her eating disorder and her journey towards self-love and body positivity.

The singer-songwriter began her post by saying how she has been learning to love herself and her body.

She, then, recalled how she has been receiving messages about her weight loss and how she came through with it, to which she said she has no proper answer.

"I have a long and frustrating history with an eating disorder, and was never quite able to look at my body with kindness and love," Leila revealed. "Always trying intense diets and depriving myself rather than providing the nourishment I really needed."

She went on, saying how her weight has ultimately ruled her life. People would make comments about how she was not thin enough, despite eating so little.

"I allowed the opinions of others to have such a grip on me, and it was incredibly damaging," she said.

Now, Leila is at a place where she has grew to love her body, despite her bumps, curves, and stretch marks.

"I move to feel strong, and eat to feel nourished," she declared. "I still struggle, like anyone else, but I'm working on it and I'm proud of myself."

Leila concluded her post on self-love and body positivity by advising her followers to heed being feeling down when comparing oneself to other photos.

"To anyone who looks at Instagram photos and can't help but compare, don't feel down. Remember that you are strong and beautiful. Life is too short," she said.


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Leila is an artist under Star Magic and Star Music. She is the daughter of veteran singer-songwriter Ogie Alcasid and 1994 Miss Universe Australia Michelle van Eimeren.

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