LOOK: Andrea Babierra sizzles in Pio Balbuena’s “Patak ng Ulan” music video!

Andrea Babierra and Pio Balbuena's song collaboration music video is up!

PHOTOS: screen grab from Patak ng Ulan music video

Andrea Babierra and Pio Balbuena's song collaboration music video is up!

Former member of the PopGirls Andrea Babierra—the same beauty in the Meet Me in St. Gallen OST music video “Morning After with Jem Cubil—is up and ready to spice things up with her recent musical collaboration, this time with actor and hiphop royalty Pio Balbuena.

Pio, who penned “Patak ng Ulan”—which is the second track in his latest album Vision 20/20—also directed its official music video, where he showcased a totally different side of Andrea. In it, Andrea appeared in daring swimsuits flaunting, for the first time, her sexy bod. 

After releasing the sizzling MV on YouTube two days ago, it has already garnered a total of 74k views; while it also registered  70k streams on Spotify. 

The song “Patak ng Ulan” is about two strangers who started and shared a relationship based on their sexual desires. But one of them started to yearn for more. 

Pio, on his official Facebook account, dedicated his song to everyone who experiences a different kind of heartache, saying, “ETO NA! ANG KANTANG TO AY PARA SA MGA NAHALIKAN, NAKA BASAAN SA KAMA, HINAROT, PERO HINDI MINAHAL!”

Watch the full music video below:


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