LOOK: Jennylyn Mercado launches her own Youtube channel, turns one room at home into a studio

PHOTO: @mercadojen on Instagram

PHOTO: @mercadojen on Instagram

Jennylyn Mercado marks her 32nd birthday yesterday, May 15, by finally launching her official Youtube channel.

According to one of her interviews with GMA-7, the actress will be having four segments on her channel which include music, food, fitness, and random challenges.

In fact, she even turned her guest room at home into her own studio or music room where she can collaborate with other artistas for her Youtube content. 


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And speaking of collaboration, Jen’s first vlog entry involves her long-time boyfriend Dennis Trillo and it seems like they are going to do a song cover.

The Love You Two star uploaded on Instagram early today a mini-studio tour along with Dennis to satisfy the growing anticipation of her followers.

The post was captioned, “Thank you for all the birthday greetings! As a celebration with all of you, I'm excited to announce na nandito na po ang aking YouTube Channel!!”


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Fans and other celebs expressed their support on the comment section.  

Looks like we have another Youtube star to watch out for!

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