LOOK: Karel Marquez is having a baby boy!

PHOTO: @iamkarelmarquez on Instagram

PHOTO: @iamkarelmarquez on Instagram

Karel Marquez excitedly revealed the gender of her third baby on Instagram. Guess what? It’s “100% BABY BOY!”

The soon to be mother of three decided to announce it to everyone without having a family picture together out of pure joy and overwhelming emotions.

All along, the 32-year-old host predicted it was a baby girl she’s carrying in her womb. Nonetheless, Karel’s grateful for the blessing and can no longer wait for the arrival of baby number three.  

She said, “Di na nakapag hintay ng complete “photo op “kasi hapon pa uwi ni Kyler kasi field trip niya, ma-late na ako sa check up ko”

“And our family can’t keep a secret for so long HAHA but…” she admitted.

“It’s out of the bag! It’s a healthy, “100% BABY BOY!!!” as stated sa results yesterday!”

“All along kala ko baby GIRL, but no no no!”


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“It’s my husband’s answered prayers, and mine too because this baby boy is growing well inside mama’s womb!”

Sabi sa ultrasound, nose ko at long legs naman ni daddy! Wow ha.” she said amused by the news.

“We can’t wait to meet you!!!”

Yesterday, the musician uploaded a photo of her check up with her doctor and another one thanking her husband for being with her through it all.


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Karel and her husband Sean named their baby boy Kobe Federico Santos Fariñas. 

She wrote, “My husband and I had a deal. Wala ako magagawa, idol n’ya si Kobe Bryant kahit ako hindi, but since all my kids ay may “K” name forever, pumayag na ako.” 

“Para happy kaming dalawa. Federico, our son’s 2nd name, is my husband’s late father’s name. Fair enough. GREAT deal. Both parents, happy!”  


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