LOOK: Mikael Daez and Megan Young go hiking in Iceland

PHOTO: @meganbata on IG

PHOTO: @meganbata on IG

Celebrity couple Mikael Daez and Megan Young seem to be on a journey to travel half the world. The Kapuso stars have been travelling nonstop these past few weeks, visiting countries like Japan, Korea, and Belgium for work and leisure alike, all documented on their respective 'grams. 

But if we're talking about scenery, Megan and Mikael's current location probably rises above the others (literally). That's because they're in Iceland, a country known for its breathtaking landscapes featuring everything from volcanoes and mountains to hot springs and glacial lakes. Yes, they make for gorgeous backgrounds, but more important than that are the memories that Megan and Mikael are making, as shared on IG: 


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The pair underestimated the chilly weather in Iceland (Mikael said in another post that it was around 3 degrees Celsius), so he and Megan had to buy more winterwear. They look so adorable!



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It may be freezing, but this pair can't pass by a hot spring without taking a dip!



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Though she's afraid of heights, Megan isn't one to back down from an adventure. The actress and beauty queen climbed a mountain with her beau Mikael, who cheered her along the way. 

Here's another shot of the Iceland trip from Mikael's point of view:


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What's your favorite Megan-Mikael travel story? 



Mikael, sa Iceland magpo-propose kay Megan?

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