LOOK: Nash Aguas teaches girlfriend Mika Dela Cruz how to drive! 

Mika Dela Cruz learns how to drive with the help of her beau Nash Aguas!

PHOTO: screen grab on Mika Dela Cruz's vlog on Youtube

Mika Dela Cruz learns how to drive with the help of her beau Nash Aguas!

Kapuso actress Mika Dela Cruz made her boyfriend Nash Aguas her personal driving instructor for a day. And she documented her first-ever driving session with Nash for her YouTube vlog which was uploaded yesterday, September 24. 

In the video, Mika admitted that she never learned how to drive before, thus, she has no prior knowledge when it comes to driving, even the basics.

Luckily, Mika has a celebrity boyfriend who’s willing to teach her patiently and even allowed her to use his car to practice driving.    

"So ngayon, simple lang naman. Tuturuan ako mag-drive kasi wala akong ka-alam alam sa pagda-drive at kailangan ko na matuto.” said Mika on her vlog. “So siyempre, boyfriend duties 'yan si boss driver baby Nash.”

"Alam mo 'yong, actually, wala ka na lang magawa?” Nash joked while smiling. “‘Yong alam mong mababangga 'yong kotse mo pero kailangan mo na lang tanggapin kasi sinabi ni bossing?"

Mika, as a student driver, promised Nash that if ever she damaged her boyfriend’s car she’s willing to pay for it or have it fixed. 

But the ever supportive and sweet partner Nash’s response was, “S’yempre hindi naman kita pagbabayarin, basta tuturuan kita nang matindi.”

After practicing and learning basic driving skills, Nash, at the end of the video said, Mika is a fast learner. 

“Medyo adventurous siya so gusto niya kaagad mabilis kaya nakakatakot pero ang maganda naman is nakuha niya ‘yong concept na kailangan lagi mag-break for safety.”

How sweet!


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