Maine Mendoza warns public of a “Ryan Agoncillo” parody account that tries soliciting money for her “DoNation” drive

Bless your kind soul, Maine Mendoza! We'll support you all the way!

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Bless your kind soul, Maine Mendoza! We'll support you all the way!

Among the many celebs who stepped up to help the Filipinos’ fight against the COVID-19 epidemic is Maine Mendoza. 

Yesterday, March 19, the actress launched an online fund drive to help those affected by the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine especially those daily wage earners who are forced not to work and stay at home with their families. 

A part of her Facebook post read: “Consider yourself blessed, if despite all, you can purchase food and sanitation supplies (even hoard!) for your homes. But what about those workers who live on a day-to-day basis? Now that they are obliged not to go to work, how can they survive?” 

“This leads me to start this drive. I will be launching my DoNation Drive to help in my own little way, those who are greatly affected by this catastrophe. I know how hard it is for these people nowadays to sustain their living so I decided to share as much as I can to them.” 

Maine stated that she will give every household 1000 pesos for “food, groceries, and other essentials to help as many employees as possible.”


Hi everyone! I hope you are in a safe place as you read this post. As we all know, we are facing one of the biggest...

Posted by Maine Mendoza on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Also in Facebook, Maine, today (March 20) also warned everyone about the parody account using Ryan Agoncillo’s name, her fellow Eat Bulaga host, to get donations from the public by changing the actual number Maine has launched for her drive.

“Again, that is not Ryan Agoncillo’s Twitter account – it’s a PARODY ACCOUNT. Wala pong Twitter si Kuya Ryan. Please don’t fall for any fraudulent schemes by people posing as celebrities/public figures. Always double check. And don’t believe any information about the DoNation drive unless it comes from ME. Again, refer to my social media accounts for updates. Salamat po at mag-ingat po tayong lahat,l she stressed.   


⚠️⚠️⚠️ FRAUD ALERT ⚠️⚠️⚠️ For everyone’s information, DoNation drive’s ONLY G-cash number/account is 09563890291....

Posted by Maine Mendoza on Thursday, March 19, 2020

In her Twitter account, she asked donors to send their monetary donations to the number 09563890291 through an online app, G-Cash. 

Way to go, Maine!

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