Marco Gallo denies having had relationship with Kisses Delavin; reveals break-up with Juliana Gomez was mutual decision

Marco Gallo sets the record straight between his past relationships with Kisses Delavin and Juliana Gomez! Know his story by clicking below!

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Marco Gallo sets the record straight between his past relationships with Kisses Delavin and Juliana Gomez! Know his story by clicking below!

Yesterday, October 17, Marco Gallo sealed his management shift by signing his contract with Viva Entertainment, Inc. A press conference was held before his contract signing, where people from the media got to ask him about his relationships with actress Kisses Delavin and Juliana Gomez, daughter of actor-politician couple Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres.

Kami ni Kisses? Hindi po naging kami,” he answered the press, giggling. “Hindi naman, parang naging ano lang talaga kami--masasabi ko naman na naging sobrang malapit na kaibigan kami. Totoo naman ’yon, pero [’yong] dumating sa pagmamahalan? Hindi po.

The two became close during their stint in Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7 back in 2016.

However, when it comes to his relationship with Juliana, the half-Italian, half-Pinoy Marco clarified that though he shared something special with Juliana, he believed he has not found real love yet in his young life.

“It could be like a crush thing, it could be a temporary thing,” he said. “But, the real love, I don’t know what it is yet. I don’t have an explanation for it and probably because I’m too young or probably it’s just I cannot find it yet. Pero, siguro naman kung totoo ang pagmamahal namin noon ni Juliana ’yun, e, di kami pa rin.

Yet, for the record, Marco admitted that he and Juliana were, indeed, together for three months and it was a mutual decision for them to part ways as he was then leaving to resume his studies in Italy.

“Yeah, it was definitely mutual,” the young actor said. “Alam niya naman po na mga bata’y pababago-bago ng isip, so alam na namin ’yon. Mahirap. Mahirap ’to ’pag nag-LDR (long-distance relationship) tayo. Baka magbago [tayo] ng isip na ayaw na natin. Mas maganda naman sa personal kesa cellphone. So, sa personal na namin inunahan.

Though Marco said their break-up did hurt, both of them understood how hard a long-distance relationship will be once they enter it so they did not decide to commit something they thought was going to be difficult for them. Though, Marco admits that they are still good friends.

“If she has a problem, she’s gonna hit me up. We’re gonna talk,” he revealed. “Same as me, if I’m down. [We] chat, hang out.”

Is there a chance for them to get back together? Marco had this to say:

Wala na, tapos na. Huwag mo na balikan ’yon.”


Marco then spoke of the time he talked to Juliana’s parents, Leyte representative Lucy Torres-Gomez and Ormoc mayor Richard Gomez, and revealed that it was a chill, peaceful conversation.

Tinatanong naman [nila] kung kamusta na po ako,” he said. “Catch up. It was really nice. Sometimes, mga magulang ng mga Pinoy, they have that ugali na kunyari nag-break up, they’re gonna get angry automatically to the guy or to the girl. But, it was really nice. I was surprised that they were never angry to me. They were like super nice to me.”

One member of the press then said Richard and Lucy were not probably angry at Marco because he did not hurt Juliana at all.


“Yeah, that’s why,” he agreed. The press then asked if Juliana was his first girlfriend, which he then denied, saying he had a lot of girlfriends back in Italy. He, then, clarified that people should not be judged for having a lot of significant others in the past.

“Even if you have a lot of girlfriends, I want to understand why it’s such a bad thing,” he told the press. “If you didn’t do anything bad to them, if you didn’t, you know, cheat on them, that’s not gonna be a bad thing. [...] Even if you have a lot of girlfriends, I probably had four or five, but even if you had a lot like, I don’t know, I’m not gonna judge you, ten to fifteen. The point is as long as you’ve been a gentleman to them, as long as you treated them well, you’re the perfect person for them.”

Mas gusto ko pa ’yon, na madami kang karelasyon, para pag dating sa kasal, may experience ka na,” he adds. “Hindi basta kayo mag-di-divorce on the first problem ‘cause you had experience already, diba? Sometimes other people, hindi sila mag-jo-jowa until marriage pero pagkatapos ng isang maliit na problema sa kasal, edi agad divorce.”

On the other hand, he adds that having many partners simultaneously is the one that is wrong.

Mali ’yon, mali ’yon,” he said. “Siyempre, mali. Alam ko na rin naman ’yon. Huwag mo naman gawin sa ibang tao ’yong ayaw mong gawin sa’yo, di ba?


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