Mark Bautista auctions his paintings to help raise funds for COVID-19 mass testing!

Mark Bautista is taking part of Angel Locsin’s COVID-19 fundraising initiative!

PHOTOS: @iammarkbautista on IG

Mark Bautista is taking part of Angel Locsin’s COVID-19 fundraising initiative!

Mark Bautista took to Instagram last night to announce that all of his paintings that he did in the past and during the lockdown are already up for grabs. 

His bidding will start tomorrow and the proceeds will go to Angel Locsin’s Shop&Share, a COVID-19 fundraising initiative to purchase testing kits intended for the less fortunate. 

On his Instagram post, he mentioned that while being quarantined, his collection of minus1 were all deleted for some reason and because of this, he wasn’t able to participate in any fundraising online show to help those affected by the on-going crisis. 

His caption read: “Bidding starts tomorrow. Follow @markbautistapaints for more info—Been working on this and I think it’s time for me to let go of these ‘babies.’”

“Backstory lang konti. For some reason when the Lockdown started nag crash ang laptop ko and andun lahat minus1 ko, hindi ko mapaayos and di ako makabili.” 

He continued, “When invites came in to do livestream shows, na stress ako and kailangan ko mag pass and i felt bad. So i thought of other ways to help.

As a public figure, Mark has been finding ways, aside from singing, to give aid in any way that he can, thus, coming up with an alternative—painting his worries away at home and donating his works to raise funds. 

“Ginising ko muna ang hilig ko sa Art. I studied Architecture pero di ko tinapos dahil dinala na ako ng singing sa pagkalayo-layo.

“The last paintings I did were 10yrs ago pa and nahirapan akong sundan, mahirap din maghanap ng inspiration although i did few works naman while on lockdown.”

He’s more than willing to let go of his treasured paintings because he knows it will help someone in need. 

“So now I’m selling all of them and I’m happy that it’s all for a good cause. All items are mostly from my past works.

“I coordinated with @shopandshareph and all proceeds will be turned over to them. I hope kahit papaano makatulong ito. Hope you guys can help. You can also share this to your friends if they are interested. Much love everyone and thank you! Will give updates very soon!”


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Bless your kind heart, Mark!

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