Megan Young and Mikael Daez narrate how they did their no-fuss prenup shoot in France

PHOTOS: @meganbata & @mikaeldaez on IG

PHOTOS: @meganbata & @mikaeldaez on IG

It seems that now-married couple Megan Young and Mikael Daez like to do things backward.

Unlike other soon-to-be-wed couples who flaunt their prenup pictorials on social media days, weeks or even months before the big day, Megan and Mikael decided to post theirs, which was taken five months ago, a couple of days after exchanging vows.

Megan and Mikael took to their respective Instagram accounts earlier today to show us snippets of their prenup photos and narrate a little bit of what went down during their photoshoot that took place in Annecy, France.

Megan uploaded a single photo, in which she appeared looking at her husband with eyes full of love and contentment. They also appeared exchanging smiles while half-hugging each other as the sun is beginning to rise. 

The actress revealed the story behind their sweet beautiful photo, saying, “We woke up at 5 am that day to go around Annecy.

“We wanted to make sure we could capture the beauty of the town before the streets started filling up with people.” 

She continued, “Our number one goal was to just have fun and enjoy the morning. As we were walking down the street trying to find a place to take photos, the light started to fill up the town.

“I stopped Mikael and gave him a hug. I couldn’t believe that at that moment, we were going to get married in 5 months. I whispered, “I think it’s time to go get some coffee.”

Megan admitted that they share the same obsession for coffee because, for them,  it’s “love, happiness, and comfort” all in one cup. 

“For others, this could just mean what it is. But coffee in our relationship symbolizes love, happiness, and comfort. It was time to relax and enjoy time together. ☕️.”



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Mikael, for his part, was hesitant to do a pre-wedding shoot since they have been doing countless glam shoots all their life in the limelight. But he made an exception, all for Megan. 

“I didn’t really want a prenup shoot at first,” Mikael confessed. “Bonez and I did all these glam shoots for work already that I didn’t have any urge for another one.”

“However, Madam Boneezy really wanted one… So we compromised.”

Bonez is Mikael’s endearment for Megan. 

He agreed to have their photos taken only if they will show who they really are as a couple while enjoying one fine morning in one of France's prettiest medieval towns, Annecy. 

“We agreed that it should be a shoot wherein the photographers just follow us around as we explored a foreign place. Nothing fancy, nothing pose-y just us being our geeky, dorky selves.

⠀“Big thanks to @mymetrophoto because they were so patient with us. They allowed us to hang out, enjoy the place and drink coffee as they snapped away.”



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Megan and Mikael had two separate wedding ceremonies; one in Nasugbu, Batangas last January 10 with only ten people invited as witnesses; and another in Subic Bay, Zambales last weekend, January 25, this time with a much bigger attendance of their friends and families. 

In case you forgot, the couple made a belated public announcement of their first wedding. They just posted pictures on social media—as did their guests—a day after their second wedding ceremony. 

Congratulations again, Megan and Mikael!

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