Moira Dela Torre and Jason Marvin dedicate touching 1st wedding anniversary message to one another

Happy Anniversary, Moira Dela Torre and Jason Marvin Hernandez!

PHOTO: @moirarachelle on IG

Happy Anniversary, Moira Dela Torre and Jason Marvin Hernandez!

Singer-songwriters Moira Dela Torre and Jason Marvin are marking their first wedding anniversary today, January 15. 

And as a way to celebrate this milestone, Moira and Jason penned sweet messages for each other and enjoined their followers to share in their happiness by posting them on their respective Instagram accounts last night. 

Moira pondered about their first year of being husband and wife and revealed the ugly and beautiful parts of marriage that she experienced so far. 

In her heart-melting post, she also attached a throwback solo wedding photo of Jason, who was then in tears as he saw Moira walked down the aisle. 

Directly addressing Jason, Moira wrote: “This year wasn't the quiet first year of marriage we both expected. But with every high and every low, whether in victory or in disappointment, you made sure these eyes were what I woke up to and came home to every single day.”

Despite everything that they have gone through for the past year, Moira is grateful to have found a home in Jason. 

“Thank you for making sure I came home to a home filled with love, grace, forgiveness ...and puppies😭 

“Even in days, I hurt you, even in moments when you were hurting, you put me before your feelings and made sure you looked at me with the same eyes I saw at the end of the aisle-- full of hope even when I felt hopeless; full of admiration even when I felt hideous and full of God's love especially when I felt defeated.” 

Moira ended her lengthy post by describing Jason as her “greatest blessing.”

“Thank you for the year that has been and the hundred more it will be~ you are and always will be my greatest blessing. Happy anniversary, my Jason!!! I love you🥰.”


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Jason, for his part, wrote down his realizations about their marriage in the form of a letter that came with selected photos taken during their wedding last year, January 14. 

Jason chose to give us all a peek into what transpired in their home as husband and wife in the last year. 

His full caption read: “Dear Moi, I’ve always had this picture in my head about marriage.

“Our own house our own rules, sleep late, wake up late, binge watch netflix, sex, eat cheetos for breakfast, travel the world, write songs together, spend money on things our parents would never approve of, and sex. We did those in our first year and it was AMAZING.

“Then we began to fight. A lot. Guys and girls really DO NOT think alike pala. Kahit soulmate mo pa siya. 

“You want to workout in the morning, I want to workout at night. You want 3 dogs, I want 2 dogs (cause ako naman nag lilinis ng poops nila), you want lights on, I want lights off and the issues pile up.

“Then we started to have deeper fights. You don’t feel pursued, I don’t feel respected, you feel I’m not grateful for you, I feel you’re not proud of me, and the list goes on.

“In just one year, we saw many things that could make us give up. But we also saw greater love, grace and forgiveness. I saw how God used me to save you from depression.

“I saw how God used you to teach me to love others and not just myself. I saw real forgiveness in the way you love me after I hurt you. Love really does cover a multitude of wrongs. Marriage just got real 😂.”

But Jason added he wouldn’t have it any other way. He also reaffirmed his promise to Moira that he will not let go no matter what. And just like his wife, he said that Moira is also his best blessing.

“I know we still have so much to learn, so much to grow, so much to experience but I’m glad than I’m doing this with you,” Jason went on. “You are the greatest partner God could ever give me and I promise that I will not let go no matter what.

“Cheers to our 2nd year, you are and will always be my best blessing. I love you so much. @moirarachelle.”



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Happy Anniversary, Moira and Jason!

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