Moira’s reminder to people experiencing depression: “You are not alone..”

PHOTO: @moirarachelle on Instagram

PHOTO: @moirarachelle on Instagram

From someone who had gone through depression before, Moira dela Torre shares a beautiful reminder to those people who are dealing with “depression, anxiety and trauma”.

The month of May is considered to be the worldwide mental awareness month and the singer-songwriter’s uplifting words on Twitter brought such great comfort to her followers.

She wrote, “Depression, anxiety, trauma~ these don’t make you a bad person.”

“Acknowledging you need help doesn't make you a coward but a brave one. Its okay not to be okay. [heart]”

“YOU are braver than you think. You are not alone & we are not hopeless.”

“The future is beautiful for us. Hang in there [sunflower].”

On Instagram stories, Moira uploaded a video of her husband Jason Marvin Hernandez singing the song “Yellow” of an international band called “Coldplay” and shared that she’s battling anxiety with him.

Back in 2018, the Idol Philippines judge revealed that she experienced battling with depression and it wasn’t at all easy. She made journaling her main outlet to fully express herself and later on, songwriting became her safe haven.

She said in one of her interviews with PUSH, “I find my music as an outlet. Music helps me embrace whatever emotion I have. It helps me feel life more,”.    



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