Morissette unfriends Jobert Sucaldito on Facebook

Morissette Amon unfriended Jobert Sucaldito after issuing an apology.

PHOTOS: Sucaldito Jobert on Facebook & @itsmorissette on IG

Morissette Amon unfriended Jobert Sucaldito after issuing an apology.

Morissette has unfriended entertainment columnist Jobert Sucaldito on Facebook.

Jobert, who is also the talent manager of Kiel Alo, produced the newbie singer’s birthday concert last November 6 in the Music Museum where Morissette was reported to have walked out of devastation over her interview with ABS-CBN Reporter Mario Dumaual. After the concert, Jobert narrated to the press what happened behind the scenes.

“nakaka-sad naman at in-unfriend na ako ni ms. johanne morissette amon sa fb.” Jobert wrote on his personal Facebook account. “in fairness, di naman niya ako binlock. dati kasi mag-friends kami. yung ibang pics niya like yung masayang shot niya with some boys (parang semi-selfie) last november 7, 2019 at 12:09pm (the day after the controversial walk-out scene sa music museum) ay dinelete na rin niya.”

The radio host then described Morissette at the time as someone beaming with happiness, a person that looked like she has no depression.

“pati yung post niya of her apology ay inalis na rin niya. ipinalit niya yung shinare kong apology niya. gayunpaman, God bless her pa rin sa depression niya kung totoo man ito. take care dear. iyon na lang ang masasabi ko.” Jobert concluded.

It could be recalled that Morissette issued an apology to Jobert, Kiel, and Dumaual last November 11 via her Instagram Stories.

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